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Ultima Pro Installation with vMeasure Mount (Small SKU, All Parcel Mode, and White Goods Mode)


The purpose of this guide

The primary objective of vMeasureParcel Ultima Pro is to save user’s time and reduce the efforts taken for dimensioning SKU at a warehouse. That being the case, the user shouldn’t be wasting time with the product setup. Therefore, this installation manual seeks to simplify the process with images and vivid descriptions of each step in detail.
This manual will reduce the operator’s dependency on the customer support team of VisAI Labs. It ensures a seamless acquaintance with vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro.

How to use this guide?

This document will provide detailed information on how to install, calibrate, and use vMeasure Parcel Ultima. The manual gives step-by-step instructions for all the key steps in clear and easy-to-understand language. If you have any more queries, reach out to vmeasure@visailabs.com.
To enhance the ease of following commands, images and video links to that specified task have been provided at every step of the process.
Perform each task as instructed in the manual to avoid any discrepancies or errors in the product.

Introduction to the Product

vMeasure Parcel Ultima is a vision-based measurement system that can dimension SKUs. It comes with an in-built camera that captures photos of the measured objects. It can be connected to the Cloud using vMeasure Forge for data backup and analytics. The Vision Head Unit (VHU) in the vMeasure Ultima is classified as a CLASS 1 Laser Product under the EN/IEC 60825-1:2014 (EU).
The Vision Head Unit is also called VHU or Vision box.
Figure. 1 – Vision Head Unit – Bottom View
Figure 2: Vision Head Unit – Right View
The bottom view of VHU consists of three cameras, IR sensor, and LED light as shown below.
The back view of VHU consists of one USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports and one HDMI port
Figure 4: Vision Head Unit – Back View

Unbox and Components

Contents of the package

Figure 5: Unbox: 1st layer
Figure 6: Unbox: 2nd layer
Unpack the box carefully and ensure all items listed below are available in that box. In case of any items are missing, contact the vmeasure@visailabs.com. You can make additional purchases of accessories such as barcode scanners, mounting poles, clamps, weighing scales, and so on.
S.No Items Quantity
Vision Head Unit
Vision Head Unit Power Adapter (5V - 3A)
Display Power Adapter (12V)
HDMI Cable
Touch Input Cable
Ethernet Cable
Clamp and Accessories (Please refer Table 2)
Refer to the images of all the components listed in Table 1:
Figure 7: Parts required for setup
S.No Items Quantity
Profile Clamp
Allen Key 3mm
Allen Key 4mm
M5 x 25 Allen bolt MS blackened finished
M5 x 10 Allen bolt MS blackened finished
M5 T nut MS plating finished
M4 x 8 Allen MS blackened
Refer to the images of all the components listed in Table 2:
Figure 7: Clamp and Accessories

Installation Guide

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro comes with the company’s adjustable mount that allows the user to use the device at three different dimensioning modes.

Setting up the pole

Figure 8: Base Plate Placement
Step 1: Place the baseplate on a flat and steady surface.
Figure 9: Pole Placement on the Base Plate
Step 2: Take the base pole with the coupler and fix it on the baseplate according to the markings provided in the image.
Figure 10: Allen Keys and Bolts; Fixing the Pole
Step 3: Screw the M10 x 25 mm bolt using the 8 mm Allen Key.
Figure 11: Long T-Nut Placement
Step 4: Insert the Long T-nut in the slot as shown in the image.
Figure 12: Fixing the Long T-Nut
Step 5: Tighten the two grub screws on the Long T-nut with the 4 mm Allen key.
Figure 13: Fixing the Top Pole
Step 6: Slide the top pole with arm into the Long T-nut
Step 1a: Slide the accessory clamp to the pole.
Step 1b: Tighten the clamp using a 6 mm Allen Key.

Connections to the Display Unit

Figure 23: Touchscreen Display
Step 2: Take out the display unit.
Step 2a: Connect the power cable to the marked area on the display unit
Step 2b: Plug the USB cable to the designated port on the display unit and the other end to one of USB ports in the power box
Step 2c: Connect the HDMI cable from the VHU to the marked port on the display unit.
Step 3: Slide the display unit on the clamp.

Connections to the Power Box

Step 1: Take the power unit.
Step 2: Plug the AC input cable to the marked port on the power box. Connect the other end to a power source.

Step 3: Plug the USB cable from the VHU to the marked port on the power box.

Step 4: Connect the Vision Head Unit Power cable to the designated port on the power box.
Step 5: Plug the display power to the marked area of the power box.
Step 6: Slide the Power Box to the accessory clamp

Installation of the Vision Head Unit

Fixing Vision Head Unit to the profile clamp

Figure 14: Profile/Roof Clamp
Slot 1 and 4: For attaching the clamp with the mounting arm of the pole.
Slot 2 and 3: For attaching the VHU with the clamp.
Figure 15: Holes of VHU (Top Side View)
Steps to fix VHU to the profile clamp:
  1. Take the vision box and find the M4 x 0.7 holes.
  2. Align the Vision Box holes parallel to the profile clamp holes.
  3. Use 2Nos of M4 x 8 Allen bolts and Allen key 3mm to fix the vision box to profile clamp as shown below.
Figure 16: Fixing VHU to Roof Clamp

Fixing Vision Head Unit to the pole

Figure 17: Vision Head Unit Installation
Step 1: Slide the VHU into the pole arm using the T-nut
Figure 18: Fixing the Vision Head Unit
Step 2: Secure the VHU to the pole using the 4 mm Allen key

Vision Head Unit Wire Connections

Figure 19: Fixing the HDMI Cable
Step 1: Insert the HDMI Cable on the marked port of the VHU
Figure 20: Fixing the USB Cable
Step 2: Connect the USB Cable on the marked port of the VHU
Figure 21: Fixing the Ethernet Cable
Step 3: Plug the Ethernet cable beside the power cable outlet.
Figure 22: Fixing the Power Cable
Step 4: Plug the Power cable into the marked port.

Height Adjustment

The device needs to be at the appropriate height to work properly. By default, the mount height is set at ‘1.5W.’ Here is how to switch the dimensioning modes on the vMeasure Parcel Ultima.

Small SKU mode

Figure 33: Removal of the Vision Head Unit
Step 1: Use the 6 mm Allen key to loosen the top screw and the 5 mm Allen key for the one below it.
Step 2: Slide down the pole arm to ‘1.1’ mark. Tighten both the screws using their respective Allen keys as given in Step 1.
Figure 36: Full setup of Small SKU mode
You are all set to dimension on the Small SKU mode

All parcel mode

Figure 36: Top Pole Removal
Step 1: Use the 6 mm Allen key to loosen the top screw and the 5 mm Allen key for the one below it.
Figure 37: Height Adjustment For All Parcel mode
Step 2: Slide down the pole arm to ‘1.5’ mark. Tighten both the screws using their respective Allen keys as given in Step 1.
Figure 35: Full Setup of All Parcel mode
You are all set to dimension on the All Parcel mode.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Application


Figure 38: Login Screen
Step 1: Once the system boots, you will see the ‘Enter Pin’ screen. The pin will be sent by mail.
Figure 39: Input PIN
Step 2: You will now see the main menu.
Figure 40: vMeasure Parcel Ultima Main Menu


Figure 41: Calibration Screen
Mode Setup Height
Small SKU
1.1 meters
All Parcel
1.5 meters
White Goods Mode
2.2 meters
Step 1: Press the button to calibrate the device to the desired mode.
Figure 42: Successful Calibration
Wait for the system calibration to finish.
Figure 43: Calibration Error Screen
If the system fails to calibrate, press the ‘Recalibrate’
If the problem persists, feel free to reach out our customer support team at vmeasure@visailabs.com

Go live!

Proceed with dimensioning SKUs after successful calibration.
There are multiple triggering options but in this Installation manual, the default triggering option is shown.
Figure 44: Barcode Capture Screen
Step 1: Place the SKU under the camera. If you are using the vMeasure Parcel Ultima system with a weighing scale configuration, then place the SKU on the weighing scale.
Refer to the ‘vMeasure Parcel Ultima Do’s and Don’ts’ document for instructions regarding SKU placement under the camera.
Step 2: Scan the barcode and press the arrow button to continue
Figure 45: Measure Button
Step 3: Tap the ‘Measure’ button to dimension the SKU.
Figure 46: Measurement Successful
You have successfully dimensioned your SKU for the first time using vMeasure Parcel Ultima!


Check out our videos to get easily acquainted with vMeasure Parcel Ultima.
-Installation Video
-Walkthrough Video
-Do’s and Don’ts


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