vMeasure Outbound Logistics

Improve Pick-pack times & reduce shipping chargebacks with accurate & fast dimensioning at your Shipping station

How Does vMeasure Dimensioner Machine Help Improve The Speed Of Your Outbound Logistics Process?

  • Dimension, weigh, scan, and photograph various sized parcels in <1 second with the vMeasure dimensioner machine.

  • vMeasure dimensioner machine can improve the speed of our pick and pack process for each order by reducing the time taken to dimension to <1 second

  • The photograph of the parcel taken whilst dimensioning is used as proof of quality and for parcel insurance purposes

  • In addition to the above, the solution can be easily integrated into any shipping software of your choice

  • The ability to accurately dimension with 5mm accuracy to prevent chargebacks from shippers and carriers

  • All-in-All vMeasure dimensioner machine at your shipping station, improving the pick & pack order times while providing accurate parcel dimensions for shipping in a hassle-free manner.

What Processes Can Be Improved With The vMeasure Dimensioner Machine At Your Shipping Station?

The data captured using the vMeasure dimensioner machine at the receiving station is used in the following processes:
vMeasure Receiving

Pick and Pack

Reduce pick and pack time by up to 20% with the vMeasure dimensioner machine.

vMeasure Material-handling


Use accurate dimensions of your parcel to map manage truck loads and in your TMS

vMeasure Putway

Reduce Shipping chargebacks

Improve profit margins by avoiding chargebacks from shippers due to incorrect parcel measurements

Discover vMeasure Range Of Automated Dimensioners

vMeasure Parcel Pro s100

vMeasure S100
Parcel Dimensioner

A small and medium-sized parcel dimensioner systems for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMasure Parcel Pro s200

vMeasure S200
Package Dimensioner

A medium and large-sized package dimensioner system for 3PLs, warehouses, and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Parcel Pro WBS100

vMeasure WBS100
Dimensional Scanner

Low cost, high accuracy dimensional scanner for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMeasure Parcel Pro wbs200

vMeasure WBS200
Dimensional Weight Scanner

Cost-effective and high precision dimensional weight scanner for third party logistics and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Dimensioner Machine Integrated With

vMeasure ERP Solutions

ERP/WMS Solutions

Master Data Management Systems

shipping software

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

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