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Promote sustainability in packaging by reducing carbon footprint, eliminating oversized cartons, and unnecessary void fill using vMeasure shipping dimensioners. These cutting-edge dimensioners offer ultra-fast and high-precision measurements, catering to the needs of various businesses, including shippers, SMB eCommerce, and retailers.
Deploying our vMeasure shipping dimensioners at your workstation enables you to:
accurate billing

Streamline billing processes

Ensure accurate SKU master data

Resolve damage claims more effectively

Expedite order fulfillment

Dimension all types of SKU in <1 Sec

With Ultima Dimensioning Systems

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Shipping Dimensioner – dimensioning capabilities

One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension all sized parcels in just three modes. These three modes will allow you to dimension something as small as an envelope to something as large as a refrigerator
Small SKU Mount
Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture

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How can vMeasure shipping dimensioner help you bring sustainability to packaging?

E-commerce warehouses are prioritizing sustainable packaging to reduce their environmental impact. This means choosing the right size box for each product to minimize empty space and excess materials, especially plastics.
vMeasure weigh dimensioners are the perfect solution. They provide accurate measurements (SKU DIMs, weight, and photos) to optimize packaging selection and minimize waste.

Accurate SKU dimensioning

With as low as 0.5 cm/0.2-inch accuracy, provide accurate dimensions every time to create the right packaging

Photographic Proof

Every time you dimension prove a custom annotated picture as proof of packaging quality

Parcel Attribute Capture 

Capture SKU attribute such as “handle with care” within the vMeasure Ultima workflow for choosing the right type of packaging

Low-Cost Audit Tool 

vMeasure Ultima allows you to create sustainable packaging without beating the bank

What are the benefits of using the vMeasure shipping dimensioner
for Sustainable packaging?

Improved packaging process speed

shipping cost reduction

Shipping cost reduction

labour cost

Fewer labor staff

lower material usage

Cost savings through lower material usage

Storage space savings owing to fewer consumables

Why vMeasure Parcel Ultima shipping dimensioners for automating
your packaging process?

World’s Only Dimensioner as a service

Built ground-up to take advantage of all cloud and computer vision based technologies

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Integrate any WMS, TMS, and shipping software with our cloud-based integration platform

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Directly bill customers for the volume occupied by their product

Accurate Dimensioning

Dimensions with accuracy as low as 5 mm/0.2 inches

No hidden pricing

All installation, workflow customization, and API integration fees are included in the pricing.

Customizable workflows

Capture all SKU attributes and not just DIMs and weights with our customizable data capture UX

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Sustainable packaging beneficial?

Sustainable packaging offers a variety of benefits, both for the environment and for businesses that use it. Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Environmental benefits: Sustainable packaging minimizes our environmental footprint by using recycled materials, thereby reducing waste, and lessening the reliance on new resources. Moreover, it can be biodegradable or compostable, decreasing the amount of waste sent to landfills.
  • Reduced carbon footprint: Conventional packaging manufacturing requires significant energy and releases greenhouse gases. On the contrary, sustainable packaging is frequently made with minimal energy and from renewable resources, thus reducing a product’s carbon footprint.
  • Consumer appeal: With growing environmental awareness, consumers increasingly favor products packaged sustainably and are willing to pay more for them. Employing sustainable packaging demonstrates a business’s commitment to environmental stewardship, which attracts and retains customers.
  • Cost savings: Sustainable packaging can sometimes be more economical than traditional options due to lower raw material costs and potential savings on waste disposal fees.
  • Improved functionality: Sustainable packaging may offer enhanced functionality compared to traditional counterparts, such as increased durability or improved product preservation.

Overall, sustainable packaging is a win-win for both businesses and the environment. It can help businesses to reduce costs, improve their brand image, and attract new customers, all while helping to protect the planet.

How does sustainable packaging reduce shipping costs?

Sustainable packaging can benefit your wallet in two keyways when it comes to shipping:

  • Less weight, less cost: Sustainable options often use lighter materials like recycled cardboard or air cushions. This directly translates to lower shipping costs, as most carriers’ base prices on package weight and dimensions.
  • Right-sizing for efficiency: Sustainable practices often encourage using the perfect amount of packaging for your product. This eliminates wasted space in trucks and allows more items to be shipped together, reducing the number of trips needed and lowering overall fuel costs.

How can accurate dims and weight information help shippers and SMB eCommerce for sustainable packaging?

The best part about sustainable packaging is that it allows you to do away with pointless blank fills, which is more beneficial for lowering shipping costs and aids shippers, SMB eCommerce businesses, and retailers in boosting productivity and sales.

How does sustainable packaging reduce shipping costs?

Your business’s bottom line would always benefit from sustainable packaging, which can minimize shipping costs, simplify your consumers’ lives, and ease logistical difficulties for your staff while bringing down unnecessary packing and carbon emissions.

How can vMeasure shipping dimensioner help Shippers, SMB eCommerce, and retail firms?

With the deployment of vMeasure shipping dimensioners, you can:
  • Improve packaging process speed
  • Reduction in the shipping cost
  • Labor force reductions
  • Reduction in material costs
  • Saving space by using fewer consumables

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