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24/7 global support

VisAI Labs provides every client the tools they need to keep our automated dimensioning systems up and running seamlessly. For help with installation, troubleshooting, or optimization, contact our team of dimensioning experts for 24/7 customer support.
24/7 Global Support

API support

VisAI Labs provides full API support so you can easily integrate the automatic dimensioner into your existing workflow. Our API uses HTTP REST. The server listens to the 6600 port for REST API requests. Requests are sent to the server’s IP address on the chosen port as a GET request. The vMeasure Parcel Pro range of automated dimensioning systems runs a JSON server that provides JSON/XML responses over REST to develop and integrate with warehouse management systems.
software-hardware integration

Software and hardware integration options

VisAI Labs tailors its automated dimensioning systems to match each customer’s existing hardware and software or builds new solutions to meet their specific needs.

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