Dimensioning equipment for Shippers

Measure parcel dimensions to save costs and time during shipping with vMeasure dimensioning equipment.


Rising challenges faced by the shippers

Shippers are burdened with manually recording information and switching between various systems to print labels, papers, and other documentation.

Since online orders are on the rise, shippers struggle to find tracking information since they have to access multiple carrier portals.

How does vMeasure Dimensioning equipment help shippers?

vMeasure dimensioning equipment help shippers by accurately capturing the dimensional information, weight, and high-quality product image in a second. In comparison to other dimensioners, our vMeasure dimensioning equipment is more flexible and cost-effective. Aside from lowering parcel shipping costs, deploying our dimensioners in your shipping stations may help you enhance your manifesting efforts and upturn revenue.
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How Can Shippers Benefit From vMeasure Dimensioning Equipment?

Eliminate errors

With the vMeasure dimensioning equipment, data gathering is flawless.

Save time and money

Accurately measure, weight, scan, capture high-quality product images, and store data in seconds, not minutes.

Empower negotiation

Gather detailed costing information to ensure that new contracts are fair and lucrative.

What are you waiting for?

Discover vMeasure automated dimensioners

vMeasure Parcel Pro s100

vMeasure S100
Parcel Dimensioner

A small and medium-sized parcel dimensioner systems for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMasure Parcel Pro s200

vMeasure S200
Package Dimensioner

A medium and large-sized package dimensioner system for 3PLs, warehouses, and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Parcel Pro WBS100

vMeasure WBS100
Dimensional Scanner

Low cost, high accuracy dimensional scanner for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMeasure Parcel Pro wbs200

vMeasure WBS200
Dimensional Weight Scanner

Cost-effective and high precision dimensional weight scanner for third party logistics and wholesale distributors

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