Dimensioners at the price of a coffee per day

Want to achieve ideal space utilization by automating your manual dimensioning process?

Toss your tape and ruler!
vMeasure Parcel Ultima can dimension all regular and irregular shaped parcels with minimal human labor in less than 1 second and seamlessly improve your workspace productivity.
This robust solution is built exclusively to bolster industries like warehouses, order fulfillment centers, carriers, shippers, CEP services, manufacturers, micro fulfillment centers, and other eCommerce SMB firms.
Our next-gen AI and computer vision dimensioning technology can help you with:

Space Utilization

Revenue Recovery

Shipping Cost Reduction

Productivity improvement at fulfillment is a necessity

Productivity Acceleration

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    Dimension all shaped SKUs in <1 second with vMeasure Dimensional Scanner

    The vMeasure parcel ultima automated dimensional scanner are built to function in a variety of working environments. This solution can measure regular packages from as small as envelopes and lipstick to refrigerators and irregular-shaped packages, including poly bags, gunny bags, and teddy bears.
    So, all you have to do now is: Purchase -> Deploy -> and start dimensioning!

    vMeasure automated dimensional scanner – dimensioning capabilities

    One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

    vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension all sized parcels in just three modes. These three modes will allow you to dimension something as small as an envelope to something as large as a refrigerator.

    Small SKU Mount
    Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
    Additional Data Capture
    All Parcel Mount
    All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
    Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
    Additional Data Capture
    White Goods Mount
    White Goods Mode_Min-Max
    Additional Data Capture
    What are you waiting for?

    Start dimensioning for a price of coffee a day!

    vMeasure one-stop solution to dimension, weigh, scan, photograph,
    record parcel information

    vMeasure is a computer vision-enabled automated dimensional scanner that can dimension any shaped parcel from 0 to 140 cm/55.12 inches in size. This versatile automated dimensioner can dimension data more accurately and decrease your warehouse and operation costs with a 60% lower 3-year total cost of ownership compared to our peers.
    As the world’s first and only dimensioner built from the scratch to take advantage of the cloud, vMeasure automated dimensioner can:

    Dimension any shaped SKUs

    Dimension all regular and irregular
    shaped parcels

    sub second dimensioning

    Sub-second Dimensioning

    Obtain all parcel dimensions and weights
    in < 1 second

    Up to 0.2 inch accuracy

    Resolve parcel precision issues

    Capture SKU Photograph

    Dispute damage claims with the right
    SKU images

    Global support

    24/7 Global Support

    Get the best support throughout
    your subscription

    single data

    Easy Installation

    Deploy and assemble in <15 minutes

    Wondering how vMeasure can quickly dimension the products? See in action.

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    [Case Study] How an OEM wholesale distributor saved on shipping through vMeasure Automated Dimensioner?

    The client, an OEM manufacturer and wholesale distributor of electrical and electronics goods, implemented the vMeasure dimensional scanner in the pack station and integrated it with ShipStation software to accurately determine DIMs and correctly identify carrier rates.
    With the deployment of our vMeasure dimensioner, the client has:

    Reduced packing time by up to 30%

    Minimized step count from 6 to 2 for dimensioning packages

    Diminished labor shortages by improving automation

    Increased parcel throughput through higher orders per sq. ft of fulfillment center

    Major Industry verticals implementing vMeasure dimensional scanner to get manage warehouse space




    Order Fulfilment Centers




    CEP Shippers

    Micro-Fulfillment Centers

    What will you get when you subscribe to vMeasure Parcel Ultima?

    The base cost of all hardware listed in the pricing plan

    Cost related to 3 months of dimensioning data storage and vMeasure Forge Access

    Integration with a maximum of two WMS, TMS, shipping software, or ERP solutions

    Barcode Scanner is limited one year warranty

    Cost related to any added workflow configurations

    Hardware refresh of Vision Head Unit once every three years

    Who We Are?

    Solving Real-world Problems
    Leveraging computer vision and artificial intelligence
    The AI & CV-based dimensioners, built by VisAI Labs
    Applied AI subsidiary of
    e-con Systems
    The world’s leading OEM camera solution provider

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    • Understand how our cloud-based API allows for one-click integration with all major WMS/OMS/TMS/ERP and multi-carrier shipping software

    • Know how to manage SKU dims, weights, and photographs with the vMeasure’s inbuilt data management platform

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