Automated Dimensioning System starts at just $130/month

vMeasure Forge

A cloud-based no-code Orchestration, Customization & Management solution for all vMeasure dimensioners helping you replace Desktops/Laptops at the receiving & shipping stations.
Convert your vMeasure dimensioners’ touch screens into a smart data capture machine
Dimensioning solutions

Minimize your carbon footprint with vMeasure Forge

How does vMeasure Forge makes your dimensioning experience effortless?

Effortlessly navigate the complexities of logistics operations with vMeasure Forge. From no-code API integration to instant workflow creation and deployment across multiple systems, experience unparalleled ease and efficiency.

No Code API Integration

One click automation, Faster time to value

Drag and Drop Workflow customization​

Full shipping/receiving functionality, no code, no desktop​

Single Click Data Download

Easy Reporting, zero-hassle download, Quick ROI

Centralized Device and User Management​

Manage and Secure data & users from a unified console​

Data Analytics Dashboard

Know your numbers, Improve your throughput​

Learn how vMeasure Forge can help you dimension quickly with the world’s Only Dimensioner as a Service system

How is vMeasure Forge useful to your teams?

Unlock peak efficiency across all roles with vMeasure Forge’s role-specific tools and insights.
No code integration with vMeasure forge
Deploy and go live with the application 90% faster than any other software in the market
dimensioning data and analytics with single click on vMeasure Forge
Improve throughput and labor productivity with site-level data analytics at a single click.
Create and deploy workflows remotely use vMeasure Forge
Optimize processes across multiple locations through continuous testing and deployment of customized workflows from a single console.
Multiple triggering options with vMeasure forge
Experience ease of dimensioning with customized workflows and establish Audit Trail with SKU images.

How does vMeasure Forge power Operations?

No Desktop/Laptop, Only vMeasure dimensioner
Deploy vMeasure dimensioner at your receiving station’s dock, quality inspection area, and inventory staging zones coupled with vMeasure Forge for real-time, accurate data capture without needing an additional desktop. Empower your Master SKU data building, inbound verification, quality control, and inventory classification processes with vMeasure Forge.
Enhance operational efficiency across your outbound logistics chain with vMeasure Forge. Seamlessly integrate with existing systems for precise Order Management, evaluate the best shipping rates automatically, and expedite dispatch through one-click label printing. From order placement to final delivery, vMeasure Forge offers a comprehensive, streamlined solution.

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Connect with our dimensioning experts and we will provide you with an in-depth analysis on how our vMeasure dimensioning solutions can save your time and money.

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