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vMeasure Forge

The Cloud-based Dimensioning Intelligence Platform powering the world’s first and only dimensioning as a service solution – vMeasure Ultima

vMeasure Forge Features

vMeasure Forge Features

How does vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution work?

vMeasure Parcel Ultima and Forge are in perpetual handsake

vMeasure Parcel Ultima and Forge are in perpetual handsake - process flow

What does vMeasure Forge mean to a dimensioning solution user?

vMeasure Cloud-based dimensioning intelligence platform, free with every vMeasure Parcel Ultima purchase, which allows you to:

Register, Control and monitor all your vMeasure parcel ultima dimensioning devices

Collect all measurement, Barcode and SKU attribute data in one place and compare efficiency across locations and geographies

Customize workflows, trigger options and API connects based on device use case

Swap device personas in
<10 seconds

How vMeasure Forge can help vMeasure parcel ultima perform more efficiently?

Customizable User Personas

Create workflow with custom data-fields, unique API integrations and trigger depending on vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s use case

Device Management System

Keep vMeasure Parcel Ultima system always updated for unmatched accuracy and continuous operation

Cloud-Based API Integration

Connect with any WMS, TMS, shipping software and ERP of your choice with a simple endpoint URL

How vMeasure Forge can help you dimension quickly with world’s Only Dimensioner as a Service system?

Talk to the dimensioning experts

Still confused on what is the right first step with respect to capturing the Dims and weight of your SKUs/Parcels? Connect with our dimensioning experts and we will provide you with an in-depth analysis on how our vMeasure parcel ultima dimensioning solutions can save your time and money.