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Pallet Dimensioning Systems: Automatically Capture Dimensions, Weight & Images in 2 Seconds

vMeasure pallet dimensioning system eliminates costly measurement errors and streamlines your shipping process. This ensures each shipment is processed with precision, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

  • Error free measurement​

  • Comprehensive data integration​

  • Rapid Processing Speed​

  • Advanced data security​

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Is the Hidden Cost of Manual Pallet Measurement Impacting Your Bottom Line?​

The manual measurement errors can go unnoticed until they become costly, reducing your operational efficiency.
Increased Freight Charges

Increased Freight Charges​

Misjudged pallet dimensions often lead to higher freight charges, penalizing businesses with unnecessary overpayments.​
Reclassification penalties

Reclassification Penalties​

Errors in pallet size or weight leads to costly reclassification fees, impacting profitability and budget.​
Inefficient Space Utilization

Cannot Claim Damages​

Without proof of damages, claiming compensation is impossible leading to financial losses.​
Carrier Disputes

Carrier Disputes​

Inaccurate freight data can lead to billing disputes and disagreement, eroding relationships with your carriers.​

How Does vMeasure Pallet Dimensioning Systems Handles Diverse Shippers Needs?​

Our versatile pallet dimensioning systems captures precise measurements for any shipment type, seamlessly integrating with your ERP, WMS, or carrier software to optimize operations.​
Pallet with different box sizes
Textile and Apparel​
Agriculture and Farm Supply​
Easily measure large, heavy irregular automotive parts with high precision​
Provides exact dimensions for pallets of mixed retail goods from clothing to home goods​
Accurately measures pallets stacked with fabric rolls or boxed garments​
Dimensions bulky items like feed bags and agricultural equipment​

Why vMeasure Pallet Dimensioning Systems Are Ideal For Every Shipper?​

vMeasure pallet dimensioning system ensures precise pallet dimensioning for a wide range of shipment size enabling you to handle all shipment efficiently.​
Dimension specification for all shipment size​
Max Dimensions
180 x 180 x 240 cm​
70.9 x 70.9 x 94.5 in​
6 x 6 x 8 ft​
Min Dimensions
30 x 30 x 30 cm​
11.8 x 11.8 x 11.8 in​
1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 ft​
Dimensioning Time
2 seconds​
Measurement Accuracy​
Length & Width ± 2 cm / 0.8 in
​ Height ± 1 cm / 0.4 in​
Throughput Speed
250 pallets per hour​
Installation Height
4.1 m / 13.4 ft (Complete Setup)​
3.6 m / 11.8 ft (Camera Height)​
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Why Shippers Choose vMeasure Pallet Dimensioning Systems?​

vMeasure pallet dimensioning systems provides legal for trade pallet dimensions with impressive speed
to streamline warehouse operations.​

Subscription Based Pricing​

Benefit from the lowest pricing with our subscription model that includes software updates, customer support, and flexible plans to fit your budget.​

5-Year Hardware Warranty​

Ensure long-term reliability with our comprehensive 5-year warranty, covering hardware components for worry-free usage and reduced maintenance cost.​

Positive ROI​

Achieve quick ROI with freight dimensioning that reduces costly errors, optimizes container space, improves billing accuracy, and increases profitability.​

All Shipment Size Coverage​

Handles measurement of any freight type, from regular to irregular, ensuring accurate dimensioning for efficient handling of all sizes.

Seamless Integration​

Easily integrate your ERP, WMS, and shipping software to automatically transfer accurate freight dimensions, streamlining workflows across systems.​

24/7 Customer Support​

Our round-the-clock customer support assists you in quickly resolving technical issues to minimize downtime and keep your logistics on track.​

Flexible Mounting Option​

Choose from ceiling, wall, or column mounts to fit seamlessly into any space, optimizing your operational layout allowing for a scalable growth.​

Adaptable Triggering Options​

Activate measurements via barcode scanner, API, or mobile app (coming soon), providing flexibility for different workflows.​

Compatible Hardware Integration​

Effortlessly integrate with floor scales, pallet wrappers, and inline systems, enhancing your measurement capabilities without extra modifications​.

What More Does vMeasure Pallet Dimensioning Systems Offer
Other Than Freight Dimensions?​

Explore how vMeasure pallet dimensioning systems go beyond standard freight dimensioning to deliver comprehensive logistics solutions, boosting efficiency and streamlining operations.​
Freight Photos for Verification
Advanced Device Management
Complete Data Management
Freight Photos for Verification​
Automatically capture detailed freight photos, providing visual verification that helps in quality control and claims resolution.​
Generate customized reports that provide valuable insights helping you in making informed decisions and improve processes.​
Efficiently manage device lifecycle of all vMeasure dimensioners for optimal performance and timely updates across multiple locations.
vMeasure Pallet Ultima is SOC2-compliant cloud technology that offers secure, scalable, anytime, anywhere access to your data without on-site infrastructure.
Still confused about procuring a pallet dimensioner?​

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pallet dimensioning system and how does it work?

A pallet dimensioning system is a device that uses advanced cameras or sensors to automatically measure the dimensions like length, width, height of palletized goods, ensuring accurate data for logistics and billing.

Why should I use dimensioning systems in my shipping process?

Using pallet dimensioning systems streamline your logistics, reduces measurement errors, and ensures you only pay for the actual space your pallets occupy, potentially lowering shipping costs.

What types of industries benefit most from using pallet dimensioning systems?

Industries that frequently ship medium to large volumes of goods, such as manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, and logistics, benefit significantly from the accuracy and efficiency of a pallet dimensioner.

What makes the vMeasure pallet dimensioning system different from other dimensioning systems?

The vMeasure pallet dimensioning system ensure legal for trade measurement, speed, and the ability to capture not just dimensions but also weight and images, offering a comprehensive solution for your shipping needs.

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…They are now indispensable components in our shipping process and have allowed us to predict shipping costs accurately…

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...vMeasure provided excellent support throughout the product integration process, with readily available and effective after-sales assistance…

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...With vMeasure, we were able to take the cloud-based solution literally under a day and under a far more achievable budget...

Rushil Mohan Co-Founder

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