Automated Dimensioning System starts at just $130/month

Mastering the Supply Chain

From Inbound to Outbound
Dive into streamlined processes that enhance both your inbound and outbound operations for unparalleled efficiency

Inbound Process

Manage and improve warehouse space utilization for accurate slotting with vMeasure dimensioners, which can provide accurate dims, weight, and parcel photographs.
What processes are improved with vMeasure automated dimensionalizers at your receiving station?
  • Receiving
  • Material Handling
  • Putaway
  • Storage

Outbound Process

Improve Pick-pack times & reduce shipping chargebacks at your shipping packaging station by accurately dimensioning any sized parcel from envelope to refrigerator using a single device.
What processes are improved with vMeasure dimensioner machine at your packaging station?
  • Pick and Pack
  • Transportation
  • Reduce Shipping chargebacks
  • Packaging

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