vMeasure Automated Dimensionalizer For Inbound Logistics

Unload, stack, and store goods faster with an automated dimensionalizer at your receiving station.

How Does vMeasure Automated Dimensionalizers Help Improve The Speed Of Your Inbound Logistics Process?

  • vMeasure Automated dimensionalizers can dimension parcels in <1 second and photograph the parcel.

  • The consolidated automated dimensionalizer, when placed at the receiving station, not only captures the dimensions of the case and SKU unit from the pallet in <1 second, it also takes a photograph of your parcel for your master data management systems.

  • Unlike other dimensionalizers, vMeasure provides a configurable workflow management system that allows you to define custom data fields that can capture other data attributes of the given case/ SKU.

  • In this way, you can use the touch screen in the vMeasure Automated dimensionalizers to capture all the data at your receiving station faster and with better data fidelity

What Processes Are Improved With vMeasure Automated Dimensionalizers At Your Receiving Station?

vMeasure Receiving


Improve receiving times by >20% by capturing SKU data faster and with lesser fidelity

vMeasure Material-handling

Material Handling

Choose material handling methods, whether it is AMR or forklift, or manual, based on the size of the case/ SKU

vMeasure Putway


Identify the right storage spaces for putaway based on parcel dimensions and attributes.

Warehouse Storage


Identify the right place to store based on unit size and capacity with the SKU and Unit level.

Discover vMeasure Range Of Automated Dimensionalizers

vMeasure Parcel Pro s100

vMeasure S100
Parcel Dimensioner

A small and medium-sized parcel dimensioner systems for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMasure Parcel Pro s200

vMeasure S200
Package Dimensioner

A medium and large-sized package dimensioner system for 3PLs, warehouses, and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Parcel Pro WBS100

vMeasure WBS100
Dimensional Scanner

Low cost, high accuracy dimensional scanner for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMeasure Parcel Pro wbs200

vMeasure WBS200
Dimensional Weight Scanner

Cost-effective and high precision dimensional weight scanner for third party logistics and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Range of Automated Dimensionalizers Integrates With

vMeasure ERP Solutions

ERP/WMS Solutions

Master Data Management Systems

shipping software

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

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