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vMeasure Dimensionalizer for Inbound Logistics

Faster slotting, smarter space use. Get the data you need.
vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensionalizer delivers accurate dims & weight for efficient receiving & optimized storage. Focus on what matters, not measuring.

What processes are improved with vMeasure dimensionalizers
at your receiving station?


Speed up receiving times by more than 20% by capturing product data faster and with less detail.

Material Handling

Decide how to handle materials—like using robots (AMR), forklifts, or doing it by hand—based on SKU/case size.


Find the best places to store items by considering their DIMs and attributes.


Determine the appropriate storage location based on unit size and capacity with the SKU and Unit level.

Why vMeasure parcel ultima dimensionalizers for your inbound logistics process?

One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

vMeasure parcel ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension all sized parcels in just three modes. These three modes will allow you to dimension something as small as an envelope to something as large as a refrigerator.

Small SKU Mount
Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture

What are you waiting for?

Start dimensioning at the cost of a coffee per day!

vMeasure parcel ultima dimensionalizer integration options

vMeasure parcel ultima automated dimensionalizer provides easy cloud-based integration with any 3rd party enterprise software through the vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution.

We can integrate with any

ERP/WMS Solutions

Master Data Management Systems

Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

Why vMeasure parcel ultima dimensionalizers for your inbound logistics process?

World’s Only Dimensioner as a Service

Built ground-up to take advantage of all cloud and computer vision based technologies

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Integrate any WMS, TMS, and shipping software with our cloud-based integration platform

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Directly bill customers for the volume occupied by their product

Accurate Dimensioning

Dimensions with accuracy as low as 5mm/0.2 inches

No hidden pricing

All installation, workflow customization, and API integration fees are included in the pricing.

Customizable workflows

Capture all SKU attributes and not just DIMs and weights with our customizable data capture UX

How do vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensionalizers help improve the speed of your inbound logistics process?

The consolidated automated dimensionalizer, when placed at the receiving station, not only captures the case and SKU unit dimensions from the pallet in <1 second and photographs your parcel for your master data management systems.

Unlike other dimensionalizers, vMeasure provides a configurable workflow management system that allows you to define custom data fields that can capture other data attributes of the given case/ SKU.

In this way, you can use vMeasure Automated dimensionalizers to capture all the data at your receiving station faster and with better data fidelity.

This data can then be consumed through APIs from our cloud-based vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution.

Tired of slow receiving times, inefficient material handling, and wasted storage space?

Our vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensionalizer tackles these challenges head-on, helping you optimize your entire operation. Schedule a live demo and see how vMeasure parcel ultima dimensionalizers can:
  • Slash receiving times by 20% or more!
  • Make smarter material handling decisions.
  • Find the perfect put-away locations.
  • Maximize storage utilization.
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