Warehouse Dimensioning Systems

The automated dimensioning systems is revolutionizing warehouses and logistics services providers – be a part of the change.

Factors affecting warehouses today

Manual measurement is often faulty and prone to error, leading to costly shipping chargebacks.

Redundant actions aren’t always evident. It takes a lot of time to duplicate data input and repeat information.

The majority of a warehouse's budget goes to labor. It becomes easier to control labor costs and increase profits when dwell time is reduced and iterative tasks are automated.

With the advent of e-commerce, getting optimal space use has become crucial. It is also expensive to build warehouses near population centers because the land is lavish.

How does vMeasure Automated Dimensioning Systems Help Warehouses?

In today’s business world, all industries, including warehouses, stress the importance of saving time, space, and money. Understanding this, VisAI Labs has built an Automated dimensioning system that can accurately calibrate the dimensional and weight information of any sized parcel or package in a jiff. In addition, we can also integrate other devices like WMS, ERP, shipping software, and label printers with these automated dimensioners.
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How Can Warehouses Benefit From vMeasure Automated Dimensioning Systems?

Enhanced accuracy and decreased errors

An inaccurate measurement can cost a lot in back charges. Implementing vMeasure warehouse dimensioning systems allows you to calibrate your freight and parcel DIMs and weights precisely.

Increased space utilization

In the warehouse, product dimensions and weights can help optimize space utilization. Deploying vMeasure warehouse dimensioning systems can greatly help calibrate the products’ measurements and space utilization.

Quality control

For both inbound and outbound shipments, weight, dimension, and product condition-based quality control play a crucial role. vMeasure warehouse dimensioning systems enable you to catch quality-based issues early and limit future errors.

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Discover vMeasure Range Of Warehouse Dimensioning Systems

vMeasure Parcel Pro s100

vMeasure S100
Parcel Dimensioner

A small and medium-sized parcel dimensioner systems for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMasure Parcel Pro s200

vMeasure S200
Package Dimensioner

A medium and large-sized package dimensioner system for 3PLs, warehouses, and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Parcel Pro WBS100

vMeasure WBS100
Dimensional Scanner

Low cost, high accuracy dimensional scanner for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMeasure Parcel Pro wbs200

vMeasure WBS200
Dimensional Weight Scanner

Cost-effective and high precision dimensional weight scanner for third party logistics and wholesale distributors

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