Dimensioning System starts at just USD 99 per month!

Dimension Machine

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vMeasure allows you to dimension any shaped SKU in <1 second at just USD 99 per month. It’s perfect for all shippers and carriers whose throughput is between 200 to 7,000 parcels/day.
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  • How vMeasure Parcel Ultima dimensioning system can dimension any shaped objects within <1 second

  • You can choose whichever object you want to dimension during the live demo

  • Know how customizable workflows in vMeasure can help you with reducing shipping costs, revenue recovery, space utilization, and package optimization

  • Understand how our cloud-based API allows for one-click integration with all major WMS/OMS/TMS/ERP and multi-carrier shipping software

  • Know how to manage SKU dims, weighs, and photographs with the vMeasure’s inbuilt data management platform

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