Dimensioners at the price of a coffee per day

Why do we exist?

eCommerce Explosion leads to change in shipping charges

The year was 2015. NCIS was the most watched TV show and most of us couldn’t get enough of Gibb’s rules.
It was also the year FedEx, DHL and others quietly made a sea change to how parcel charges were calculated.
Before, it was as simple as providing the weight of your parcel. But the e-commerce boom changed all that. The carriers were shipping parcels aof all shapes and sizes but with low weight.The space occupied was not captured by just the weight. So dimensional pricing was brought forth.
Now pricing is not just based on a parcel’s weight but on the height, length and width of the parcel and it was on you the Shipper to provide the right DIMs and weights

Dimensioners haven’t evolved since the Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Fresh Prince came out in the year 1990. The first laser-based systems came out around that period.
Fast forward 30 years and still it is laser-based dimensioning systems ruling the roost.
They cost thousands of dollars to buy, maintain and use. This is perfect for large enterprises and many small players could do manual dimensioning but what bout those who ship between 100 to 200 odd parcels per pack station per day.
Dimensioners are too costly, and it was preventing them from growing. It is preventing the eCommerce innovators from shipping goods people want cheaply and quickly.
vMeasure Laser Dimension

The New Fresh Prince of Bel Air

So, the reboot came out in 2022.
vMeasure came out in 2020.
I am not going to go all Black Eyed Peas and spell out F-R-E-S-H. But that’s just what vMeasure is. Miles ahead in tech and eons further away in terms of pricing.
vMeasure was conceptualized as an computer vision based Automated dimensioning solution which can dimension anything within a second at a price affordable to SMB and mid-market Shippers. Think of us as new. Or rather think of us as the New New. Think of us as the Fresh Prince reborn.
Our goal is simple. We want to create a range of Automated Dimensioners which is as simple and easy to use as a label printer for Warehouses,
order fulfillment centers, Shippers, and Carriers.
We achieved it by creating the world’s first and only Dimensioning as a service and incorporating additional domain-specific features and cloud based Intelligent Dimensioning Platform – the vMeasure Forge that can make dimensioning a seamless activity.
vMeasure Range of Automated package Dimensioners is built by VisAI Labs – the Edge AI and Computer Vision specialists who focus on bringing computer vision and Machine learning applications into the real world.

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