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About Us

Solving real-world problems leveraging
computer vision and artificial intelligence
we are?
The vMeasure Product line encompasses the complete product line VisAI Labs offers in the Logistics and Supply Chain vertical.
The vMeasure Division of VisAI Labs focuses on creating best in class computer vision based solutions for data collection, automation and operations oversight for the Logistics and supply chain verticals.
With us we hope to help our customers achieve operational excellence by becoming more efficient and profitable.

Our Ethos

vMeasure derives it’s ethos from VisAI Labs who at it’s core are a bunch of Greater fools.
Well, not to sound like Aaron Sorkin, but a greater fool is a person with the perfect combination of arrogance, delusion, obsession and ego who truly believes that he will succeed where others have failed.

The world was built by greater fools, VisAI Labs focuses on building a better, more inclusive world by tackling real world problems which have a direct impact on a vast swathe of humanity.

Our Vision

The digital and the physical worlds are converging. Ya, that’s not news.
Whilst the metaverse hopes to bring the physical world into the digital, we at VisAI Labs will bring the digital into the physical.
We truly believe that the right combination of edge AI and computer vision can be used to solve specific problems which when solved will free up mankind’s time from day-to-day drudgery and focus on higher level more fulfilling functions.
In Star Trek, the food replicators freed all sentient life from focusing on the basic wants of life and help the civilizations evolve into something more.
VisAI Labs will be the bunch of greater fools who someday hope to free human beings from the needs and wants of day to day life through building hardware enabled with AI and computer vision to solve specific human problems.