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Deposco​ + vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima

Accurate Dimensions To Build Master Data + Order Fulfillment​

vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima accurately captures and records NTEP legal for trade dimensions and weights of SKUs for any pack type, building precise SKU master data using pre-built API integration.
We have developed two integrations: one for building accurate SKU master data at the receiving station, and another for efficient order fulfillment at the shipping station.
Deposco integration

How will your workflow look like with vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima + Deposco?​

Integrating vMeasure Parcel /Pallet Ultima with Deposco streamlines your workflow, generating SKU master data for pack types and optimizing order fulfillment​
  • Seamless Synchronization

    This data is instantly synced with Deposco, eliminating manual entry and reducing the risk of errors.

  • Faster Throughput

    This integration enables a faster throughput of packages, leading to quicker processing times and enhanced warehouse productivity.

  • Enhanced Inventory Control

    Real-time updates to Deposco from vMeasure provide an accurate count and location of stock, making inventory management more reliable.

  • Enhanced Shipping Accuracy

    Accurately capturing parcel dimensions and integrating them into the shipping process reduces errors caused by incorrect weight calculation or mislabeled packages.

  • Optimized Packaging

    With accurate parcel dimensions, the system selects the suitable packaging to maximize space utilization and minimize shipping costs by reducing excessive packaging materials.

  • ​ Error Reduction

    Minimizes error due to incorrect dimensions or weight in documentation leading to fewer shipping dispute and overall cost savings.

What are you waiting for?

How does vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima work with Deposco?​

Integrating the vMeasure with Deposco is effortless, requiring no IT support. With a no-code API integration, it’s as easy as a few clicks.
  • Install the Deposco WMS application on your desktop. ​

  • Connect vMeasure Parcel Ultima device to Deposco WMS via API.

  • Place the SKU and scan the barcode to trigger measurement.

  • vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima captures parcel measurements and instantly auto-populates them in the Deposco WMS application.​

This integration is bundled with the vMeasure Parcel Ultima Subscription

What will you gain from vMeasure Parcel/Pallet Ultima and Deposco Integration?​

Experience the benefits of automated data transfer by integrating the parcel dimensioner with the software solution for
streamlining the operations.
  • Benefit:

    Seamlessly capture accurate SKU dimensions and annotated image automatically at the receiving station.

  • Problem Solved:

    Eliminate manual data entry errors and reduce the time spent on dimensioning tasks, leading to streamlined operations and cost savings.

  • Benefit:

    Expedite order processing with precise SKU data.​

  • Problem Solved:

    Mitigates the risk of stockouts or overstocking, optimizing inventory management at storage & retrieval processes. ​

  • Benefit:

    Optimize packaging choices and generate accurate shipping labels.

  • Problem Solved:

    Minimize shipping errors and delays, enhance operational efficiency, and mitigate revenue loss due to inaccuracies in shipping charges or mislabeled parcels.

  • Benefit:

    Easy Integration.

  • Problem Solved:

    Avoid integration complexities and IT overhead, enabling quick deployment and hassle-free operation, thus reducing implementation time and costs.

Why wait to automate your dimensioning and data entry processes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Does vMeasure require extensive training or IT expertise to use?

No, it’s designed for ease of use and requires minimal training. Its intuitive interface and no-code API integration make it accessible to users of all skill levels.

What are the benefits of integrating vMeasure with Deposco?

Benefits include streamlined data capture, improved inventory visibility, efficient order fulfillment, and enhanced collaboration between departments.

How does vMeasure help optimize packaging and shipping?

By providing accurate SKU data, vMeasure enables informed packaging choices and precise shipping labels, reducing errors and minimizing costs.

Is vMeasure compatible with other warehouse management systems besides Deposco?

Yes, vMeasure can integrate with various warehouse management systems, allowing businesses to leverage its advanced dimensioning capabilities with their existing software infrastructure.

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensioning Capabilities​

Small SKU Mount
Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture

Start today with the vMeasure + Deposco

By relying on manual measurements and data entry in your inventory management and order fulfillment processes, you’re missing out on the efficiency and accuracy that vMeasure + Deposco Integration offers.
Don’t let manual methods hold you back. Make the switch now!

What do our customers say?​​

…They are now indispensable components in our shipping process and have allowed us to predict shipping costs accurately…

Joshua Hogeterp President
Bargain Book Stores

...vMeasure provided excellent support throughout the product integration process, with readily available and effective after-sales assistance…

Prakash Patania Senior Manager

...With vMeasure, we were able to take the cloud-based solution literally under a day and under a far more achievable budget...

Rushil Mohan Co-Founder

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