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The Complete Guide to Implementing DWS Systems in Your Business


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Dimensioning Weighing Scanning (DWS) systems are cutting-edge solutions that are transforming the way businesses manage their inventory and shipments. This article dives deep into DWS systems, providing insights into your core functionalities, benefits, and potential use cases.
Before getting deep into the topic, let’s learn why dimension matters.
In modern logistics, dimensions hold greater significance than ever before. Carriers now calculate the shipping costs using a concept called “Dimensional Weight,” which factors in parcel size and weight.
Accurate dimensioning, weighing, and scanning help in the seamless management of inventory and shipping operations as incorrect dimensions can lead to unexpected costs and billing disputes. That’s where DWS systems like vMeasure Parcel Ultima come into play.

What Is a DWS System?

As the name suggests, a Dimensioning Weighing Scanning (DWS) systems are designed to accurately measure, weigh, and scan any parcel or object, whether regular or irregular. This automated system can be used in various industries for better utilization of space, accurate inventory management, optimizing packaging solutions, and reducing shipping costs.
DWS systems use advanced sensors or computer vision technology, to deliver accurate data on the dimensions, weight, and other attributes of products consistently. The dimensioned data can then be stored on the cloud for easy retrieval.

Why implement the DWS System? – Benefits of DWS Systems

Are you still relying on manual measurements? It is not only time-consuming, but also prone to errors and leading to overutilization of space, incorrect SKU management, and increased operational and shipping costs.

The need for greater accuracy, speed, and automation in inventory and shipping management has driven the demand for advanced technological solutions such as DWS Systems, Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV), Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR), etc.

#1 Efficiency and Accuracy

Automating the measurement process using the Dimensioning Weighing Scanning system ensures consistent accurate parcel dimensions significantly reducing manual intervention, increasing productivity, and optimizing resource allocation.

#2 Warehouse space utilization

Efficiently organizing inventory based on precise measurements from DWS systems, allows you to enhance space utilization and streamline picking and packing processes, resulting in improved operational efficiency

#3 Building SKU Master Data

DWS systems build accurate SKU master data by automating measurement tasks, reducing discrepancies, improving inventory accuracy, and providing real-time visibility into inventory levels. This ensures businesses have the right products on hand when needed.

#4 Package Optimization

By right-sizing packaging based on precise measurements, you can reduce shipping costs, minimize packaging materials, and improve sustainability efforts, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits.

#5 Increased throughput

With its unparalleled dimensioning accuracy, Dimensioning Weighing Scanning systems eliminate bottlenecks, reduce manual labor, and improve workflow efficiency, enabling businesses to meet growing demand and scale their operations effectively.

#6 Shipping Cost Reduction

By eliminating costly surcharges, businesses can save on shipping expenses, negotiate better rates with carriers, and improve overall profitability.

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When To Invest In DWS Systems?

Investing in a DWS System is a smart decision that can greatly improve operations, productivity, and profitability for your business. To decide if it is the right time to invest in a DWS system, consider the following aspects.

#1 Are you experiencing high-volume shipments?

If your business handles a large number of shipments regularly, then DWS systems help streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and reduce manual labor by automating the dimensioning task.

#2 Is your current process time-consuming?

If you continuously face issues with inaccurate measurements due to manual dimensions and weight calculation, DWS systems provide precise measurements and real-time data, ensuring accuracy and consistency in every shipment.

#3 Are you incurring additional surcharges?

Are DIM weight charges or inefficient packaging practices increasing your shipping costs? A DWS system can help reduce these costs by providing accurate dimensions to minimize DIM weight charges and optimizing packaging.

#4 Looking to increase warehouse efficiency?

These systems automate the measurement process to ensure that each item is precisely measured and recorded, increasing inventory accuracy, and lowering the risk of stockouts or overstocks.

#5 Do you have any long-term growth plans?

Investing in a DWS system can be strategic for businesses with future growth plans. These systems offer scalability and adaptability, making them valuable assets for expanding operations over time.
vMeasure with Conveyor Mounting Option

Where Can You Place a DWS System for Maximum Efficiency?

Based on your business needs DWS Systems offers you flexibility to strategically place them at different locations within the warehouse or ship station.

On a Table

If you’re a small to medium-sized business handling 200 to 500 shipments per month, have limited floor space, and are seeking a space-saving solution, DWS systems are compact and can be placed even on a cluttered pack station.

On the Floor

These systems are compact and can be placed on the floor of your warehouse. Their compact design allows you to maximize space utilization and streamline parcel movement within your facility.

On Mobile Cart

This is ideal for dynamic environments where workflow processes may change frequently or for businesses requiring measurement capabilities in multiple locations. They can be moved wherever they are needed most, reducing the need for parcels to be transported to a stationary measurement station.

Mechanical Conveyor

Integrating a Dimensioning Weighing Scanning system with a conveyor is a seamless way to automate measurement for high-volume operations or businesses with continuous parcel flow, such as distribution centers or fulfillment facilities.

Which Products Can Be Measured Using DWS Systems?

Automated DWS systems can measure parcels of all sizes, whether regular or irregular. Systems like vMeasure can handle products ranging from small envelopes to mid-sized refrigerators.

Parcels /Polybags

You can accurately measure a wide range of parcels and polybags, regardless of their size, shape, or material. However, it’s important to note that there may be a slight limitation with color such as pitch-black polybags. Overall, DWS systems offer precise measurements for most items, ensuring efficient operations.

Cosmetics and Apparels

For businesses like e-commerce, manually measuring large volumes of cosmetics and apparel can be tedious. DWS systems ensure that every lipstick, shirt, or pair of shoes is accurately measured, eliminating discrepancies in inventory counts and ensuring that customers receive the right products every time.

Automobile Spare Parts

In the automotive industry, managing spare parts inventory accurately is complex due to the variety of components. Dimensioning Weighing Scanning systems provide precise measurements for any spare parts, from tiny bolts (measuring as small as 0.8 inches) to bulky engine blocks. They streamline inventory management, enhance order accuracy, and ensure correct part shipments.


To stay ahead in our business, accuracy, and efficiency become a key metrics in our industry. Dimensioning Weighing Scanning – DWS systems emerge as a necessary tool that ensures consistent accuracy and reduces manual labor, thereby enhancing inventory and shipping process. Their versatility and reliability become a strategic investment for businesses looking to optimize operations, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.
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