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A mobile dimensioner setup that lets you build SKU master data and capture 4K parcel images/videos at the point of receiving… Wherever it might be!

3PLs and E-commerce Retailers use the Mobile cart option to fit tight packing stations

When to use a Mobile cart mounting option?

Embrace flexibility and mobility with the mobile cart option. This solution is tailored for dynamic workspaces, providing easy transportation and adaptable configurations across different settings.

Mobility and Flexibility

Ideal for warehouses where the dimensioning station needs to be moved frequently.

Multi-Location Use

Useful for warehouses that require dimensioning capabilities at multiple locations. Instead of installing multiple stationary units.

Spot-Checking and Quality Control

Ideal for conducting random parcel checks or quality control throughout the warehouse.

Peak Period Efficiency

Serves well during seasonal spikes in parcel volume. A mobile cart can be quickly deployed to areas experiencing increased workload to efficiently manage overflows.

Start Dimensioning right from Day 1. In less than 30 minutes

We make dimensioning simple. So why make the device installation complex?

vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold – Dimensioning Capabilities

One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension parcels of all sizes in just three modes. These modes enable you to dimension something as small as an envelope or as large as a refrigerator
Small SKU Mount
Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does the mobile cart enhance the flexibility of parcel dimensioning?

It allows the dimensioner to be easily moved throughout the warehouse. This mobility is ideal for warehouses where the pack/audit station needs to be frequently relocated to different processing areas or to adapt to changing space requirements.

2. How does the mobile cart mounting option contribute to spot-checking and quality control processes?

The mobile cart dimensioner is ideal for conducting random parcel checks or quality control measures throughout the warehouse. Its ease of movement allows it to be quickly positioned wherever spot-checking is required.

3. How can the mobile cart dimensioner be used during peak periods?

During seasonal spikes or peak periods of parcel volume, the mobile cart can be quickly deployed to areas with increased workloads. This helps to manage overflow efficiently by providing additional dimensioning capabilities where they are needed most.

4. How is the dimensioner powered, given its need for mobility?

The mobile cart mounting option needs an UPS to power the system.

5. Are there any special considerations for using the mobile cart on different floor types?

The cart should be able to navigate across standard warehouse flooring. However, if your warehouse has unusual flooring, like uneven surfaces or grades, then you might have to consult our team for compatibility.

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...vMeasure provided excellent support throughout the product integration process, with readily available and effective after-sales assistance…

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…They are now indispensable components in our shipping process and have allowed us to predict shipping costs accurately…

Joshua Hogeterp President
Bargain Book Stores

...With vMeasure, we were able to take the cloud-based solution literally under a day and under a far more achievable budget...

Rushil Mohan Co-Founder

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