Automated Dimensioning System starts at just $130/month


Maximize warehouse space with vMeasure Dimensioners! Achieve precise parcel slotting in under 1 second. Ideal for efficient space utilization in warehouses and micro-fulfillment centers.
Utilizing our next-gen computer vision and AI-enabled dimensioners, you can:

Manage space rentals

Lower Shipping costs

Dispute damage claims

Productivity improvement at fulfillment is a necessity

Improve productivity(shipping)

Quality Control

Enhance inbound quality control

Dimension all types of SKU in <1 Sec

With Ultima Dimensioning Systems

vMeasure dimensional weight scale – dimensioning capabilities

One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension all sized parcels in just three modes. These three modes will allow you to dimension something as small as an envelope to something as large as a refrigerator.
Small SKU Mount
Small SKU Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Mode_Min-Max
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Mode_Min-Max
Additional Data Capture

What are you waiting for?

Start dimensioning at the cost of a coffee per day!

How can vMeasure dimensioners help you beat space utilization in your workspace?

Running out of room space is a common recurring problem in most eCommerce warehouses and distribution centers, and this may be the root of the extra work, which entails transferring things from one location to another to manage space and stock up on new items. Warehouses and distribution centers must assess product dimensions and weight information to maximize storage space to resolve these difficulties.
Deploying vMeasure cubing and weighing systems, which may offer product dimensioning information such as dimensions, weight, and SKU photographs can be a one-stop solution to your warehouse space utilization issues.

Accurate Dimensioning

With as low as 0.5 cm/0.2-inch accuracy, get accurate SKU dimensions every-time

Photographic Proof

Every time you dimension prove a custom annotated picture as proof of inbound and storage

Parcel Attribute Capture 

Capture parcel attributes such as “handle with care” within the vMeasure Ultima workflow for identifying the right storage

Low-Cost Audit Tool 

The vMeasure cubing and weighing system allows you to utilize warehouse space better without beating the bank

What are the benefits of using the vMeasure dimensioners for
warehouse space management?

Create SKU-specific storage racks 

Increase usable space at the warehouse 

Implement Dynamic Slotting 

Increase inventory stored per sqft 

Why vMeasure Dimensioner For Warehouses?

World’s Only Dimensioner as a service

Built ground-up to take advantage of all cloud and computer vision based technologies

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Integrate any WMS, TMS, and shipping software with our cloud-based integration platform

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Directly bill customers for the volume occupied by their product

Accurate Dimensioning

Dimensions with accuracy as low as 5mm/0.2 inches

No hidden pricing

All installation, workflow customization, and API integration fees are included in the pricing.

Customizable workflows

Capture all SKU attributes and not just DIMs and weights with our customizable data capture UX

Frequently Asked Questions

How can vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensioners help with storage space optimization?

vMeasure Dimensioner provides precise measurements of parcels, enabling warehouses, storage facilities, and transportation vehicles to utilize space more effectively.

Can vMeasure dimensioners provide real-time data for space planning?

Yes, vMeasure’s dimensioners offer real-time data on package sizes and weights, facilitating dynamic and efficient space planning.

How does vMeasure Parcel Ultima assist in reducing wasted space?

By giving accurate dimensional and weight data of parcels, vMeasure dimensioners highlights and helps eliminate unnecessary space in packaging and storage. This increases the overall efficiency of any warehouse or storage facility.

Can vMeasure dimensioners help in optimizing space in transportation vehicles?

Absolutely. By providing accurate package measurements, vMeasure dimensioners allow for better arrangement and stacking in transportation vehicles, maximizing cargo space and potentially reducing transportation costs.

How does reducing wasted space impact the efficiency of a warehouse?

Minimizing wasted space means more products can be stored in the same area, reducing retrieval times and enhancing overall warehouse operations. It can also lead to cost savings by maximizing storage capacity.

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