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A one-stop solution to dimension, weigh, scan, photograph, and
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vMeasure is a computer vision-enabled automated dimensioner that can dimension any shaped parcel from 0 to 140 cm/55.12 inches in size. This versatile automated dimensioner can dimension data more accurately and decrease your warehouse and operation costs with a 60% lower 3-year total cost of ownership compared to our peers.
As the world’s first and only dimensioner built from the scratch to take advantage of the cloud, vMeasure automated dimensioner can:

vMeasure Parcel Dimensioners – Dimension all parcels in a Jiffy

Experience the convenience of measuring items of all regular/irregular sizes with just one device,
for less than the cost of your daily cup of coffee
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vMeasure dimensioner - plug and use in 3 steps

vMeasure Subscribe deply-scan

vMeasure parcel ultima dimensioner – one device, 10+ use cases

Order Fulfillment

Provide the right parcel dimensions to your shippers

Freight Forwarding

Manage international shipments with accurate parcel dimensions

Freight Audit

Randomly pick a SKU and check dimensions for accuracy

Master Data

Collect accurate SKU dimensions for your supply chain

Inventory Management

Optimize warehouse spaces by knowing the right case dimensioners

Intelligent Packaging

Optimized packaging with the right SKU dimensions

Transportation Management

Manage truck loading using accurate case dimensions

Autonomous Guided Vehicles

Avoid overloading AGVs by providing the right parcel dimensions

vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution

Cloud-based dimensioning intelligence platform, free with every vMeasure parcel ultima purchase, which allows you to:
vMeasure Forge dimensioning solution

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the vMeasure dimensioner cost?

The vMeasure line of automated dimensioning systems offers a cost-effective solution compared to peers. For a comprehensive understanding of pricing, please refer to our pricing page, which provides detailed information about the dimensioning system’s features and cost options. View our pricing page today to see for yourself.

Which is the updated version of the vMeasure dimensioner?

vMeasure ultima pro and gold are the latest cutting-edge dimensioning systems that will revolutionize your workspace, skyrocketing productivity and recapturing lost revenue. Explore our product page to uncover more exciting features.

How long does it take to set up and install the vMeasure dimensioner?

The setup and installation of the vMeasure Parcel Ultima hardware will take a maximum of 20 minutes. However, depending on the complexity of the software integration, it may take one day to one week to get the system fully ready for dimensioning.
Got doubts? Our support center page has got you covered with answers to most of your queries. Give it a look!

Are the vMeasure dimensioners easy to install and maintain?

The vMeasure dimensioning system is designed for easy installation and minimal maintenance requirements. Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure a smooth setup process and provide ongoing support as needed.

Can the vMeasure dimensioners integrate with my existing warehouse management systems?

Yes, the vMeasure dimensioning system can easily integrate with a wide range of warehouse management systems, allowing for seamless integration with your existing operations.

How does the vMeasure dimensioners work?

The vMeasure automated dimensioning systems use a robust computer vision-enabled camera to accurately capture products’ DIM and weight information.
  • A user will place the SKU under the camera.
  • The device will be triggered using any one of the triggering options such as Barcode Trigger, Weight sense trigger, Touch, and remote trigger.
  • The device captures the height, width, and length of the SKU along with the weight taken from the integrated weighing scale.
  • The dimensional data and the SKU images are pushed to vMeasure Forge, the cloud application of vMeasure Parcel Ultima, and then directed to WMS, TMS, ERP, and shipping software APIs.

How do you use our data stored on your cloud platform?

The vMeasure dimensioning system is designed to comply with all relevant data privacy regulations. Therefore, the system only collects the data necessary to perform the measurements and does not retain any unnecessary data. Additionally, any data that is transferred on the network is encrypted to restrict access and avoid misuse of third parties.

How reliable is the vMeasure dimensioner?

The vMeasure dimensioning system is designed to be highly reliable and is built with industrial-grade components. Regular maintenance and software updates ensure the system stays up-to-date and in optimal working condition.

Can the vMeasure dimensioners integrate with our existing IT infrastructure?

Yes, the vMeasure automated dimensioning system can integrate with a variety of existing IT systems, including WMS, TMS, shipping software, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. This allows for seamless data transfer and improved efficiency.

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