Automated Dimensioner

Get accurate parcel/package dimensions in <1 second and
improve user productivity at your receiving and shipping stations

vMeasure Automated Dimensioner

vMeasure AI-led automated dimensioners can accurately measure the DIMs and weight of small, medium, and large eCommerce parcels in a jiff. In addition, you can scan the parcel labels with an integrated barcode scanner and configure the touchscreen to capture any parcel data using custom fields without needing a laptop.
VisAI Labs’ vMeasure automated dimensioner saves our customers time and money by operating at unparalleled speeds and efficiency. For more, get in touch with our dimensioning specialist, and we’ll be sure to help you.

Discover vMeasure Range Of Automated Dimensioners

vMeasure provides a comprehensive series of solutions to help you manage all your dimensioning needs.
vMeasure Parcel Pro s100

vMeasure S100
Parcel Dimensioner

A small and medium-sized parcel dimensioner systems for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMasure Parcel Pro s200

vMeasure S200
Package Dimensioner

A medium and large-sized package dimensioner system for 3PLs, warehouses, and wholesale distributors

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vMeasure Parcel Pro WBS100

vMeasure WBS100
Dimensional Scanner

Low cost, high accuracy dimensional scanner for eCommerce warehouse and order fulfillment centers

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vMeasure Parcel Pro wbs200

vMeasure WBS200
Dimensional Weight Scanner

Cost-effective and high precision dimensional weight scanner for third party logistics and wholesale distributors

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How Can vMeasure Range Of Dimensioners Work For You?

<1 second

Get accurate measurements in <1 second with the latest machine learning algorithms, and save time.

Instantly gather
product Information

Record measurements, photos, ID numbers, weight, and other vital data in a snap

Store & Manage
your data

We offer various storage options and seamless integration such as barcode scanners, weighing scales, label printers, WMS, TMS, ERP, and other shipping software

Inbuilt Touch screen access to all data

The inbuilt touchscreen and custom data field allows users to capture parcel details without needing an external laptop

Manage Shipping

Defeat audits, collect on damage claims and get accurate quotes from carriers

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