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How to add webhooks?

  • Login to your Forge Account
  • Go to the Webhook menu and click on the ‘Add Webhook’ button on the right side of the screen.
  • This will open up the ‘Webhook Form.’ Enter the relevant details using the instructions given below:
Field Name Description
Webhook Name
Specify the name for this webhook
Request Format
You can select the request format from any one of these two extensions: JSON or XML
Webhook URL
The URL of the server
Authentication Type
There are three Authentication Types available:
- No Auth
- Basic
- Bearer
A Token allows users to access data from the server over REST APIs and authenticate with cloud apps, circumventing two-step verification and SSO.
Custom Headers
You can add up to 3 custom headers.
Configurable Keys
Customize data fields to match the server’s requested format
  • Enable the ‘Configurable Keys’ to configure the payload keys containing the measurement data. This is done to match the requested format of the server you wish to connect.
    • For instance, if the connecting server accepts ‘length’ as ‘LENGTH,’ you can configure the same in the length key.
  • Edit any number of fields based on your requirement by entering the desired value in each of them.
  • Click on ‘Save’ to create a webhook.
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