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Does vMeasure work with other brand scales?

  • Yes, vMeasure can work with other brand scales
  • vMeasure can integrate with most USB-enabled weighing scales, which have public datasheets
  • That being said, based on experience, it takes 3-5 working weeks for the vMeasure team to develop integration as the team requires the hardware to be physically shipped to its location, and that alone takes 2-3 weeks
  • We recommend that our clients procuring <10 units to go with the BC-60 or BC-150 scales, and if they have greater than 10 units to go for BC-60 in their testing phase and then during that period, the vMeasure team would have completed the weighing scale integration
  • The reason for the above two recommendations is based on the cost-benefit analysis of the time taken to go to deployment and ROI for our vMeasure customers
  • If you have any queries kindly reach out to vmeasure@visailabs.com
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