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What are the different ways the command to dimension to vMeasure can be triggered?

  • There are four ways in which vMeasure can be commanded to dimension, i.e., can act as a trigger:
    • Within the vMeasure Touchscreen: The warehouse associate can trigger a dimensional scan by clicking on the button “measure” within the touchscreen attached to the vMeasure Parcel Ultima.
    • From a barcode scan: The barcode scan trigger is used in one of the following two ways:
      • The warehouse associate scans the parcel’s unique order id while it is placed under the vMeasure’s field of view. After a delay of 1-2 seconds given so that the warehouse associate can remove their hand, the vMeasure scans the parcel/SKU and captures the dimensions.
      • If the dimensioner’s touchscreen is too far away from the warehouse associate and there is no need to scan the specific order id, then a separate QR code can be placed near the warehouse associate. When the associate scans the given QR code, the dimension is captured. The associate can also navigate the touchscreens using the QR code.
    • Triggered by a weighing scale:
      • When the warehouse associate places the parcel/SKU on the weighing scale, the identification of a new weight acts as a trigger for the vMeasure to capture the dimensions. Normally 1-2 seconds delay is given from the placing of parcel/SKU in vMeasure’s field of view so that the hand of the warehouse associate does not hamper the right dimensioning.
    • Trigger through API from a third party:
      • Also known as the slave mode, the vMeasure system can be triggered by using APIs.
      • This is mainly used by firms who have their custom WMS, ERP, and CRM systems.
      • In this workflow, a measure button is placed at the appropriate screen in the client’s enterprise software system.
      • This measure button triggers the vMeasure Ultima through API and gets the data back directly into the client’s software.
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