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Are there any limitations in terms of items to be dimensioned?

  • If the dimensions are within the dimensioning specs based on the mode you have selected, the system can dimension almost all types of parcels except the following:
    • Transparent boxes.
    • Cones with the top dimensions lower the specified dimensions (Traffic cones are a prime example).
    • Products where the edges are lower than the minimum dimensions specified.
  • Also, the item’s height and width must at least be 3 cm for the device to identify it.
  • Highly reflective objects, Transparent objects, Perfect cones, and pitch-dark black items cannot be dimensioned by vMeasure.
  • If the object to be dimensioned has sloping sides, then the edge should be >2 cm.
  • Also, the system might produce false positives i.e., the scan is successful, but the entirety of the object is not dimensioned. This edge case is seen in 0.01 – 3% of the cases, depending on the irregularity and transparency of the SKUs to be dimensioned. This is primarily seen in the item master creation use case. The warehouse associate can mitigate this by using the following process:
      • Every time a dimension is done, a blue bounding box covers the entire SKU/Parcel to be dimensioned.
      • The warehouse associate can verify by looking at the vMeasure Ultima touchscreen if the bounding box covers the entire parcel and then confirm the measurement to be sent to the appropriate endpoint (WMS/ERP/CRM).
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