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Is vMeasure only able to capture weight and dimensions for items encased in outbound packaging (i.e., mailers and boxes), or can it evaluate smaller items (i.e., a tube of toothpaste, a lipstick tube, etc.)?

  • vMeasure captures both large cases/parcels and small SKUs like tubes of toothpaste and lipstick tubes etc.
  • This is done primarily by using the vMeasure system on the Small SKU mode by enabling the envelope mode (Envelope mode is an add-on costing 15 USD/month per device and is not included in the standard package.)
  • This combo is mostly used in the inbound use case to do case and unit-level dimensioning. At the point of the receiving station, the warehouse associates first dimensions of the entire case and then dimensions a single SKU, i.e., the unit which is stored in that case.
  • The workflow within vMeasure can be modified to capture both case and unit-level dimensions and sent across through APIs to the WMS of your choice.
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