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How does the vMeasure system handle reflections and items near to the item being dimensioned?

  • Reflections:
    • Ideally, vMeasure works best when it is under ambient lighting.
    • But sharp lighting, esp. at angles, can come in from any side. Keeping this in mind, vMeasure’s machine learning algorithm can dismiss most of the reflections and focus on the object to be dimensioned.
    • Also, reflections can come not only from the item to be dimensioned but also from objects surrounding the dimensioner.
    • Whilst there is no problem if the shadow completely engulfs the parcel, partial shadows within the field of view can affect reflections by 0.017%, as per our internal R&D testing. We are constantly improving this error rate through continuous R&D.
  • Items near the object of interest being dimensioned
    • Warehouses have objects all over the place. That is a fact of life
    • vMeasure’s intelligent identification system can differentiate between objects lying around and the main object of interest as long as the parcel to be dimensioned is within the Region of interest and the Items are at least 5 cm/2 inches away. vMeasure can identify the SKU as a unique object and dimension accurately.
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