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What are the different situations/edge cases where we need to redo dimensioning scan?

  • Given below are some of the situations/edge cases where dimensioning scans must be redone:
    • False Positive arising from dimensioning of irregular objects in wrong positions:
      • If the object is completely irregular with numerous protrusions overlapping each other, there may be some angles in which, due to the occlusion effect, the item to be dimensioned may not be completely visible to the dimensioner. Objects include orchids, vehicle parts etc.
      • Partial dimensioning of objects not under vMeasure ambit of measuring:
        • Whilst vMeasure Ultima does not measure transparent bottles or cones and items with edges below the min dimensions, vMeasure does dimension but does not get the right dimensions. In that scenario, dimensioning must be redone.
      • Reflections affecting the right dimensions.
        • This does not occur under ambient light, but if there is a concentrated source of light from just one side or if there are objects around the SKU/Parcel to be dimensioned that cast shadows, vMeasure’s dimensioning capturing capabilities may be distorted. The warehouse associate can review the scan captured through the vMeasure screen and redo the scan if the reflections affect it.
      • Object not within the region of interest
        • Sometimes, although the object is within the field of view, it would not be within the region of interest marked as a yellow box on the field of view video in the vMeasure UX.
        • In this case, the dimensioning will fail. The warehouse associate should place the SKU within the region of interest and dimension again.
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