Dimensioners at the price of a coffee per day

How to monitor vMeasure Ultima Devices?

You can manage all the vMeasure Ultima Devices currently in use on the Forge Dashboard.
Login to your Forge Account.
In this section of the dashboard, you can view the total measurements for the day, get a breakdown of the measurement count by day, week, or month, and view the total systems assigned to this account.
Scroll down to the ‘System Information’ section, where you can see the Subscription status, activity status, and device mode for every system in use.
The ‘Systems by usage’ section lists the most active systems based on the number of measurements performed.
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vMeasure Parcel Ultima
The world’s first and only Dimensioning as a Service (DIMaaS).

Dimension everything from an envelope/lipstick to a refrigerator using a single device at the cost of a coffee per day.

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