Dimensioners at the price of a coffee per day

Does the package require special alignment?

  • Unlike laser-based static dimensioning systems, which require regular parcels to be placed in a corner, irregular parcels to be placed in a corner, and widgets moved to mark the max length and width, vMeasure is a computer vision-based dimensioning system that does not require any such alignment. As long as the parcel is placed within vMeasure’s field of view, the SKU/Parcel will be dimensioned within 1 second.
  • vMeasure’s computer vision-based system reduces 4 physical steps taken to do a dimension with the laser dimensioning system to 2 and reduces the time taken to the dimension from 7 seconds to 2 seconds.
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vMeasure Parcel Ultima
The world’s first and only Dimensioning as a Service (DIMaaS).

Dimension everything from an envelope/lipstick to a refrigerator using a single device at the cost of a coffee per day.

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