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Where to place vMeasure?


The purpose of this guide

vMeasure Parcel Ultima is a straightforward product with minimal moving parts. Therefore, there is no complexity when it comes to the product. Yet the device needs the right environment and proper care to maintain its accuracy, reliability, and precision.
This guide specifies all the necessary precautions and best practices for the user. Following this document to the dot helps the end-user to gain the maximum benefit from the product and ensure its longevity.

How to use this guide?

This guide enlists all the Dos and Don’ts during the setup, operation, and post-operation phase of vMeasure Parcel Ultima. It illustrates all the steps in clear and specific terms using photos. Some of the steps may even contain videos of that process to help the user understand better.

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Key components in the document

All the instructions have been split into various categories and sub-categories for ease of understanding.

vMeasure Placement

The lighting must be consistent.
Do not place the setup under bright/direct sunlight.
Please maintain the ambient temperature between 0 – 40 degree Celsius.
Place the setup on a flat and steady surface.
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vMeasure Parcel Ultima Pro – Installation Video
vMeasure Parcel Ultima Gold – Installation Video
vMeasure Parcel Ultima Product – Dos’ and Dont’s
Calibration Do’s and Dont’s


vMeasure Parcel Ultima – Datasheet


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