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What are the support SLA terms for vMeasure Parcel Ultima?

Please find below the SLA terms for vMeasure Parcel Ultima:
  • Hardware uptime 99.99%
  • Software uptime 99.95%
  • Support email id: vmeasure@visailabs
  • Support team working timings:
    • 10 AM – 7 PM IST
    • 7 AM – 5 PM EST
  • Response KPI
    • Critical Requests: within 8 hours
      • o Any requests that are deemed critical shall be responded to within 2 hours
    • General Enquiries: within 24 hours
    • 1st Level Support
      • Response: within 8 hours
      • Issue Resolution: within 24 hours
    • 2nd Level Support
      • Response: within 8 hours
      • Issue Resolution: within 3 working days
    • 3rd Level support
      • Issue Resolution: with 5 working days
  • First-line support
    • Heath Check System: If a vMeasure system fails to connect for more than 48 hours or has an abnormal number of failures and is being picked up by our Health Check System, an automated email alert will be sent to our team and the customer
    • The customer can also reach out to us through the given email ID or our website
    • Customer will be provided with “vMeasure Health Check Form” vMeasure and will require warehouse staff to perform the onsite checking based on guidelines
    • Customer must then update in Issue Tracker – a support communication page for all issues
    • vMeasure will diagnose the reported issue and respond within twenty-four (24) hours
    • Customer may raise any technical issue regarding hardware or software via phone or email to vMeasure
    • vMeasure aims to resolve 80% of the calls and emails within two (2) working days
    • All calls and emails will be responded to within four to twenty-four (24) hours, and best efforts will be made to answer or action the support issues as soon as possible
    • This level of support aims to resolve most issues and may involve rebooting equipment, diagnosis, and troubleshooting
    • Support may require cooperation from a member of the client staff at the warehouse to reboot equipment and help with preliminary diagnosis
    • This support will resolve most issues (90%). Should our technical team conclude that further support is required, vMeasure will perform a remote connection to the counter
  • Second-line support
    • Second-line support is performed for more complicated issues. At this level, vMeasure may perform remote connection
    • The Remote connection support will be performed by the vMeasure technical team
    • Cooperation from the warehouse team and the client’s IT team may be required to ensure smooth support
    • vMeasure aims to resolve the issue within three working days
  • Third Line support
    • If the issue is not resolved within 3 working days, then the vMeasure Engineering team will take over and respond to the given situation
    • If the issue is not resolved within 5 working days, the vMeasure team will send the replacement component across, and the defective system will be shipped back to the vMeasure Headquarters
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