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What is dim weight? 

The term dim weight, otherwise known as the dimensional or volumetric weight, is a technique to calculate the dimensional information of parcels. It is calculated by multiplying a parcel’s length, with, and height by a dimensional factor chosen by the particular carrier, then dividing the result by the DIM divisor. The dim weight is the amount of volume a package occupies concerning its actual weight.
The main goal of bringing the dim weight into the practice is to allow major carriers, manufacturers, and shipping firms to charge shipping fees centering on the box size instead of its actual weight. However, for most shipping firms spending more on shipping prices can be a huge headache. To wipe out this, eCommerce firms can follow certain practices, such as examing the current packaging weight, leveraging new packaging technology, taking flat rate and shipping rate into account, using smaller packaging, and many more.
In addition, several eCommerce firms have begun to adopt automated dimensioning systems to measure the dim information of all shaped parcels at lightning speed; following traditional dimensioning techniques (utilizing tape and a ruler to calibrate parcels’ DIM information) can be time-consuming and prone to errors. So deploying automated dimensioning systems can be the right solution to get out of DIM-specific problems in your workspace.
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