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What Is a Dimensional Weight Scale? 

A dimensional weight scale, popularly known as the automated dimensioning system, is a computer vision-based dimensioning equipment designed to calibrate the dimensional information such as length, width, and height of any regular and irregularly shaped parcels or packages in a flash to effectively complete last-mile delivery.
Several eCommerce firms adopt these dimensional weight scales to eliminate manual dimensioning, which is time-consuming and prone to errors. In addition, these dimensional weight scales can be tailormade to different dimensioners like automated static parcel dimensioning systems, dynamic parcel dimensioning systems, automated static package dimensioners, and dynamic package dimensioning systems. These dimensional weight scales are designed and customized based on various company requirements.
Furthermore, these dimensional weight scales are not only capable of calibrating the parcel dims, but they can also scan and capture parcel photographs and can seamlessly be integrated with various WMS, TMS, and other shipping software to enable smooth data storage and recovery for carrier claims and manage space rentals in the warehouse.
Additionally, these dimensional weight scales are deployed in various warehouses and logistics firms to fulfill several business use cases such as space utilization, parcel audits, inventory management, transportation management, package forwarding, SKU master data, and sustainable packaging.
Lastly, employing these dimensional weight scales, major firms like warehouses, order fulfillment centers, carriers, shippers, manufacturers, micro fulfillment centers, CEP shippers, retailers, and SMB eCommerce would greatly benefit by saving much time, accelerating workspace productivity and completely eliminating dimensional errors without a hitch.
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