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What is dim weight pricing? 

Dim weight pricing is a term used to describe how much it will cost to send a box, considering its dimensional weight (DIM). If the DIM weight exceeds the item’s actual weight, the price is determined using the DIM weight instead.
These pricing strategies are utilized for postal and courier services and commercial freight transportation. The formula for calculating dimensional weight is length x height x width divided by the DIM divisor.
Given the constrained capacity of delivery trucks, dimensional weight considers package density when calculating shipping costs. Therefore, even if your package is small, calculating DIM could still be worthwhile.
To calculate the dim weight pricing, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:
Use the longest point on each side of the package to determine its length, width, and height. As anomalies might result in additional handling costs if not considered in the original calculations for dimensional weight, these measures should consider any bulges or oddly shaped sides.
Most shipping companies ask that you round up your dimensional weight calculation to the next whole number.
To determine the package’s cubic size, multiply those measurements.
Finally, a dimensional factor, also known as a DIM divisor, is used to divide the package’s cubic size. DIM divisors are figures established by significant freight providers like UPS and FedEx. These variables represent inches per pound.
After determining the final dimensional factor, the DIM weight pricing has been calculated.
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