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What is Volumetric Weight Scale?

A volumetric weight scale is a device used to calculate the package weight based on its volume. The volumetric weight is calculated by dividing the package volume by a standard divisor. The result of this calculation is used to determine the package shipping cost, as some shipping companies use dimensional weight as a factor in their pricing. Therefore, by installing a volumetric weight scale, eCommerce firms can ensure that they are charging their customers the correct shipping price based on the size and volume of their packages.

In recent days calculating the parcel DIM information has become a new norm for many warehouse and shipping companies because with the right parcel/package DIM data, eCommerce firms can optimize their dimensioning process to ensure that they charge a fair price for the service they provide. In light of this, several firms have begun adopting volumetric dimensioning machines to dimension, weigh, scan, and record parcel information in one tap.

In addition to dimensioning, weighing, and scanning the parcel information, these volumetric dimensioning machine can:

  • Improve accuracy and precision by measuring any shaped object flawlessly.
  • Increase the effectiveness of the measurement process, resulting in cost savings for the organization.
  • Enable Flexible measurement options to meet changing customer demands more easily.
  • Track inventory more accurately when integrated with the right warehouse management software, reducing the risks of stock shortages or excesses.
  • Guarantee that all products fulfill quality standards as the object measurements are frequently made to the same specifications.
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