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How to measure package dimensions? 

Although measuring a shipping box may seem like a simple task, we’re going through the fundamentals today for any newbies or companies that have never shipped goods before. To acquire the most cost-effective shipping rates, measuring a box accurately before packing and shipping it is critical. Here is all you need to know about measuring a box, including the steps that will simplify the process for your business.
Below listed are some of the ways to measure package dimensions easily:
This is the conventional approach that many businesses use:
  • Take a measurement of the box’s length first. This is the box’s long side and the side with the largest flap.
  • The side with the shorter flap is the side you should measure for width by rotating the box 90 degrees.
  • Lastly, gauge the package’s height. This will be measured from top to bottom with the flaps closed.
Numerous eCommerce businesses have lately started to implement automated dimensioning systems to calibrate the dimensions information, such as length, width, height, and parcel weight of the goods, due to the overwhelming volume of order requests. This is due to the fact that the manual dimensioning approach (which involves measuring parcel dimensions with a ruler and tape) is frequently time-consuming and prone to errors, resulting in needless shipping back fees.
These automated dimensioning solutions can also take parcel photos, which may be saved and retrieved to refute carrier allegations seamlessly.
Additionally, you can seamlessly link any of your WMS, TMS, and shipping software systems with these computer vision-based automated dimensioners to enable faster last-mile delivery.
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