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How do shippers and carriers boost a company’s bottom line with shipping dimensioners

How do shippers and carriers boost a company’s bottom line with shipping dimensioners?


The word “automation” has resurfaced as a major topic.
Many logistics and shipping organizations believe automation is the solution as e-commerce volumes grow.
To exist in 2022, modern logistics and shipping companies can no longer afford to sacrifice accuracy, speed, or profitability. Instead, they can advance their operations with automated dimensioning systems.
Read this blog post to learn how shippers and carriers can increase their company’s bottom line by implementing shipment dimensioners in their workspace.


Businesses are continually changing to respond to creative technological advancements in today’s complex environment. Automation has changed enterprises of all kinds, regardless of industry, ultimately improving their bottom line. E-commerce is having a big impact on logistics and the retail sector.
The demand for a reliable delivery service has never been greater due to the rise in e-commerce transactions. In addition, customers greatly impact how their packages are delivered because they want broader delivery windows, which necessitate later cut-off times at hubs. They also wish to find alternatives for the location and time of the package delivery.
Major shipping companies like FedEx, UPS, and USPS have modified their policy about billing based on parcel dimensions vs. weight, defining the industry norm in recognition of the demand for quicker deliveries. Additionally, shipping dimensioners enable the warehousing sector to record data and produce DIM-specific information, resulting in considerably more precise predictions of transportation costs.

So, what is a shipping dimensioner?

The shipping dimensioner is a computer vision-based dimensioning technology deployed in various warehouses, distribution centers, and shipping firms to calibrate the DIM information of all regular and irregularly shaped parcels and packages. These dimensioners are further integrated with other devices like weighing scales, barcode scanners, and other WMS, ERP, and TMS systems to effectively dimension, weigh, scan, and capture parcel photographs which can be stored and retrieved to adjust quotes or re-bills seamlessly.

How can shippers improve a company’s bottom line via automated dimensioning?

Below are the top six compelling reasons that help you better comprehend why deploying shipping dimensioners can be an ideal way for shippers to boost a company’s bottom line.
Make Damage Claims More Lucrative
The automated dimensioners instantly record the weight, dimensions, and picture of any piece of goods. This information is immediately saved in your choice’s cloud or database. This document provides shippers with indisputable proof of the state of each shipment before transportation. Additionally, shippers can use the data stored in the dimensioning systems to substantiate any doubts about who is responsible for damages and put such doubts to rest.
Enhance efficiency and reduce labor
There is no doubt as to why so many shippers continue to gather and compute freight data manually. It’s a tried-and-true technique, and many shippers put more faith in people than technology. But the fact remains that no human has ever been faster, more accurate, or more dependable than our machines. Shippers lose millions of dollars annually due to human measurement and calculation errors. The automatic processes used by vMeasure dimensioners complete everything in a matter of seconds, saving many hours of work every day.
Achieve better rates by negotiating
When negotiating shipping prices with a carrier, having access to vMeasure’s ground-breaking dimensioning system’s automatic collection and storage of weight, dimension, and photo data for every pallet or parcel scanned is invaluable. Since all your data is easily accessible and shareable, carriers face less uncertainty and risk. This translates to more precise quotes and cheaper shipping.
Make quote adjustments and re-Bills less frequent
By using vMeasure parcel ultima shipping dimensioners, shippers may use their precise dimensions to challenge any carrier re-measurements. In addition, re-weighs and re-classes are made obsolete overnight because our dimensioners are coupled with a scale. These cost savings are sufficient justification for many high-volume shippers to convert to vMeaure.
Reduce billing disputes and time spent on them
Too many shippers waste much time arguing with carriers over billing. Your time and money are not being used effectively in that way. You can immediately prove the precise weight, state, and package dimensions when it enters and exits your possession by using vMeasure shipment dimensioners. You’ll be astounded at how disputes appear to vanish! Therefore, quit haggling over prices and invest your time and money in more significant endeavors.
Recover lost revenue
A flawed measurement could result in undercharging the consumer, representing a lost income opportunity. There is little to no opportunity for wrong estimates because the shipping dimensioners take the guesswork out of shipping estimates. In a nutshell, the shipping dimensioners greatly help recover the lost revenue due to incorrect dim data.


All three major carriers and shippers now use dimensional (DIM) weights to determine the majority of shipping costs, leading to a new measuring standard for the parcel business. Because of the increased market, new plug-and-play systems are brimming with capabilities that offer extra advantages. Early adopters have found that shipping dimensioners can save them money in parcel operations, although some regret the advent of dimensioning. Logistics managers are also becoming more aware of the advantages of dimensioning, given the present demands for speed, capacity, and flexibility.
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