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In what ways can dimensional weight scanners save your warehouse inventory?


Every warehouse is concerned with optimizing its inventory. Warehouse owners aim to strike the right balance between understocking and overstocking the products to maximize revenue without compromising customer satisfaction. Knowing the right package size would be a god angel for the warehouse to track, monitor, and manage stock levels and boost productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction. To do everything right, warehouse owners must deploy and integrate dimensional weight scanners in their workspace.
Read this blog post to discover how a dimensional weight scanner can be a lifesaver in saving your warehouse inventory!

Why is warehouse inventory management important?

A warehouse that has a proper inventory can do wonders. In other words, managing inventory in the warehouse effectively may enhance productivity, reduce expenses, and improve accuracy. Conversely, inadequate inventory management can result in understocking, overstocking, theft, and poor fulfillment, among other issues.

So, In what ways can you overcome inventory problems in your warehouse?

Here are a few strategies you can implement to deal with typical inventory issues in your warehouse:
1. Organizing your warehouse and inventory
It’s simple to get unorganized while working with a diverse range of inventory. Products are damaged, containers are lost, and inventory appears to vanish. Keeping things in order, accounted for, and where they belong helps keep problems to a minimum.
In light of this, the following are some simple methods for organizing your warehouse inventory:
  • Placing each SKU on a separate shelf rather than combining goods
  • Reducing unlawful entry to the warehouse as much as possible
  • Labeling the locations of your warehouse and inventory
  • Leveraging automation to record shipment information
  • Making technological investments to facilitate better communication and inventory management
2. Know the ins and outs of your inventory
Another element of effective inventory management is knowing where your stock is kept because it gives you the information you need to find the items quickly. When building up your warehouse floor design, for instance, keep the most popular goods close to the zone for packaging and shipping to speed up order processing. Another helpful strategy for managing inventory is to employ Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASN), which keep you informed about the timing, contents, and packaging of future deliveries. Additionally, this allows you to organize and prepare for a future shipment, ensuring that warehouse space is available when you arrive.
3. Automation and technology
Many new technologies and automation resources are available for warehouses, but they’re not ideal for every type of facility or business. Therefore, researching equipment and services is important to determine what will serve your company best. There are various ways to accelerate the productivity and efficiency of your warehouse, from dimensional weight scanners that calculate package dimensions and DIM weight to IoT (Internet of Things) technology like hands-free wearables and autonomous robotics. Choosing the appropriate scanners, programs, apps, and other accessories may enhance every element of your warehouse while also making financial savings.
When it comes to dimensional weight scanners, several warehouses choose dimensioners that are tailor-made based on business requirements. These dimensioners are computer-vision-based dimensioning technology designed to calibrate the DIM information of any shaped parcels in less than a second. Additionally, these dimensional weight scanners can be integrated with other devices such as weighing scales, barcode scanners, label printers, and other WMS, TMS, and other shipping software to run and manage the warehouse inventory process seamlessly.

How do dimensional weight scanners help you save money on warehouse inventory?

Below are five ways integrating your dimensional weight scanner with inventory can be a lifesaver:
Maximizes storage capacity
If specific product parameters are analyzed concerning the warehouse and distribution center, space utilization can be improved effectively. The outdated measuring tape, however, will be laborious and obstinate in its use. Alternatively, you can employ a dimensional weight scanner with WMS during routine dimensioning processes to effectively utilize space.
Increased shipping cost accuracy:
It goes without saying that correct weights should always be known in advance rather than estimated. Without this data, it may be challenging to determine whether you are billing clients fairly based on the real charges. By removing manual, expensive errors, accessorial fees will drop.
Planning for future capacity
Whether moving to a new facility or simply revamping your current space, planning future warehouse capacity is considerably aided by dimensional information. Figuring out how many pick and bulk locations are needed is one of the more time-consuming parts of developing a new plant. Judgments should be made using the average and peak inventories calculated using cubic measures.
Additionally, knowing the weight and dimensions lets you determine the necessary pallet racking.
Inventory Visibility
Inventory visibility is a warehouse management system’s most prominent and important feature. Connecting the dimensional weight scanner with the WMS allows us to extract real-time data on commodities using RFID tagging, serial numbers, and barcoding.
Quality control
For inbound and outbound shipments, quality control based on weight can be carried out in some activities based on the product’s weight. This can speed up shipment reception and inspection procedures. However, it may indicate probable mis-shipments for carton shipments leaving the country.


Managing your inventory well can have various beneficial effects on your company. Some advantages are reduced expenses, more revenues, and higher customer satisfaction. A further benefit for warehouse owners is the ability to increase warehouse productivity, track, monitor, and control SKU levels, and easily accelerate business ROI by integrating dimensional weight scanners with warehouse inventory.
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