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vMeasure Ultima

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Who are becoming partners with vMeasure Ultima?

Types Of Partnerships

Technology Partners

Integrate your enterprise software solution/ warehouse automation with the world’s only dimensioning as a service solution

Integration Partners

Provide comprehensive warehouse automation solutions by using vMeasure as part of the comprehensive solution you implement


Provide an unmatched range of warehouse automation solutions with vMeasure in your product catalogue

Benefits of vMeasure Partnership

Become a Partner & distributor and add more value to the end customer:

Benefits of vMeasure Partnership

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    At vMeasure, we know every warehouse and fulfillment centers face unique dims and weight-centric challenges, and that’s why we work to offer worlds first and only dimensioning as a service to you.
    Partner with us to accelerate your warehouse operations and productivity effortlessly with vMeasure dimensioners.