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5 warehouse performance metrics to optimize your warehouse operations using automated dimensioning systems

Parcel dimensioners: how can they boost warehouse operations?


For a compelling order fulfillment journey, all warehouse operations must be logically aligned, and that is where warehouse performance metrics enter the picture.
As part of achieving targets, warehouses should fulfill specific requirements like reducing iterative tasks by deploying suitable solutions (deploying parcel dimensioners to eliminate the manual dimensioning process and pointless dimensioning errors, for example).
Read this article to identify the five warehouse performance metrics to optimize your warehouse operations using parcel dimensioners.

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A decade ago, warehouses were just massive spaces where we store myriad products for wholesale and retail purposes. Although today, Warehouses are the gold bars of eCommerce businesses. Monitoring warehouse performance will allow us to analyze the efficiency of the profits we can generate each year, so this is where performance metrics will come to play. Setting up metrics in the warehouse isn’t a simple task; you’ll need to look at various measures like time, efficiency, and quality indicators. Depending on your warehouse KPIs, you can determine how efficiently you turn a profit. A successful warehouse business may depend on how you handle that information. With the deployment of automated parcel dimensioners integrated with WMS software, you can quickly analyze how your warehouse performs.

Automating your warehouse to drive more savings

Currently, various warehouse managers face pressure to optimize the warehouse to gain average profit. To meet the latest business trends, we need to analyze various warehouse solutions that best fit your vertical. Therefore, it would be best to adopt a warehouse management solution like automated parcel dimensioners to surge maximum operational efficiency.

So what does an automated parcel dimensioner do?

The automated parcel dimensioners are a computer vision-based technology built to calibrate varied-sized parcels’ real-time dimensional information such as length, width, and height in less than a second. In addition, these automated dimensioners provide decision-making inputs based on the business needs and requirements. Besides, we can enable other add-ons such as barcode scanners, printers, weighing scales, and WMS/ERP software with these automated dimensioners.

utilizing parcel dimensioners and performance metrics to improve warehouse operations

  • Inventory turnover:
    It refers to the number of times your warehouse goes through its entire stock in a year. The turnover rate indicates how effective your warehouse performs every year. By adopting automated parcel dimensioners, monitoring the movements of goods in the warehouse would be agile and seamless.
  • Inventory accuracy:
    Inventory accuracy plays a paramount role during order fulfillment. If your accuracy isn’t good, you could lose many shoppers because your computer shows the product you don’t have in stock. The deployment of automated parcel dimensioners allows accurate calibration of dimensioning information for inbound and outbound shipments.
  • Improve productivity by eliminating paper processes:
    More companies gradually shift their paper-based activities to digital formats as technology progresses. As a result, we can reduce readability problems, missing paperwork, and other issues associated with transferring handwritten data to digital form by going digital. Installing automated parcel dimensioners in your warehouse will assist you in recording dimensional information automatically by eliminating the need for manual dimensioning.
  • Get rid of pallet and parcel dimensioning by hand:
    The traditional dimensioning process can take quite a long time in warehouses. This is because the warehouse personnel utilizes tape and a ruler to calibrate the dimensional details of the pallet or parcel. With the automated parcel dimensioners, we can eliminate the manual dimensioning and cater the dimensional information in less than a second.
  • Create a floorplan that works for you:
    eCommerce warehouses filled with large online orders, which means warehouse associates review the floor plan to make sure it is still functional as per their working environment, and this requires determining the shoppers’ needs, allocating spaces for both warehouse solutions and packages in different sizes, checking that all pallets can be accessed, and checking the floor plan prior to implementation. As a warehouse manager, you also need to be mindful of several other KPIs. It is nonetheless important to keep track of five in particular.

Putting all together

The efficiency in which you turn a profit is determined by your warehouse KPIs. For this reason, it would be best to have warehouse solutions like automated parcel dimensioners that provide accurate dimensioning data, and the data would determine the performance and profitability of your warehouse every year.

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