Dimensioners at the price of a coffee per day

VisAI Labs Debuts Dimensioning as a Service with vMeasure Parcel Ultima Dimensioners

California – September 2022: VisAI Labs, a Computer vision and AI-enabled start-up nurtured by the leading OEM camera solution provider e-con systems India Pvt. Limited, Chennai – Tamil, Nadu, have built and designed a product from scratch – vMeasure, a line of dimensioners that gained popularity among eCommerce warehousing companies.
It brings a new landscape to the dimensioning process, helping warehouses and eCommerce firms reduce shipping costs, improve space utilization efficiency and drive sustainable packaging practices by automating dimensioning with a pencil and ruler.
Recently, they have released an updated version of dimensioners, vMeasure Parcel Ultima. This special edition has addressed dimensioning-centric issues like parcel audits, inventory management, package forwarding, slotting in warehouses and choosing the best carrier that most warehouses and order fulfillment centers encounter during the inbound and outbound processes.

“The primary goal of this product launch is to upend the eCommerce logistics and warehousing industries, where 'Space + time = money' is the sole formula for success,” said Alphonse Salomon, Product manager, VisAI Labs.

In addition, the company has also devised a new strategy of bringing dimensioning as a service with the pricing subscription model, which costs 60% lower than its peers.
Furthermore, the company also offers a lifetime warranty and free replacement of the hardware every three years for the product covering all the hardware, software and maintenance services, so operating the dimensioner round the clock will no longer be a problem for the warehouse employees.

Grant Burcham, the head of operations of Warehouse Anywhere experienced the benefits of vMeasure dimensioning system first-hand.

“The value of this product and system is two-fold. One, it speeds up the ability to capture the data or verify it without having to use a tape measure and a weight scale. For instance, some people might not know exactly how to measure products quite as well as they think they do or there is an input error. So, this type of solution helps with accuracy. And within a warehouse, speed and accuracy are critical,” he said.

The company also congratulates the entire team for their efforts in creating this product and turning it into success at their first annual get-together event, which happened very recently.

About VisAI Labs:

VisAI Labs has its roots in the Computer Application team at e-con Systems that took shape in 2018 with the rise of the decentralization of chipsets. VisAI Labs was created to deliver a promise that Computer Vision has been making to the world for 25+ years. Along with the increase in the computation power of processors in edge devices, e-con Systems became passionate about leveraging this tremendous opportunity to finally break Computer Vision from the realms of academia and into the real world.
But the company needed a new dynamic team that could focus and deliver on the promise of revolutionizing day-to-day human life.
VisAI Labs uses AI + Vision to solve real-world problems for humans and aims to become one of the world’s largest Edge-AI and Computer Vision Solution Providers.
vMeasure Parcel Ultima
The world’s first and only Dimensioning as a Service (DIMaaS).
Dimension everything from an envelope/lipstick to a refrigerator using a single device at the cost of a coffee per day.

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