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vMeasure Integration service

Integrating with vMeasure Range Of
Automated Dimensioning Solutions

We at VisAI Labs offer two different ways to transfer API calls to individual dimensioning equipment – Ensure that the one you choose supports your business! For more information, check our API documentation.

Local Connections

Benefit – Information is kept local, does not rely on internet traffic, and is typically the fastest.

Drawback – There must be a known IP address for the local vMeasure server and intranet traffic enabled on the network. In addition, the vMeasure dimensioning machines respond to their local IP address for HTTP commands.

Global Connections

Benefit – Access to APIs is not limited to local networks
Drawback – Each vMeasure edge system needs an individual port forward on the router
While the data route differs significantly, the access is quite similar. First, a port must be routed to the workstation from the network router. Then, much like in the Local Connections section, you may use the global IP address and port combination to access the vMeasure edge system. The only catch is that owing to most clients’ network arrangements.