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Shipping dimensioner Why does it matter most to the eCommerce industry

Shipping dimensioner: Why does it matter most to the eCommerce industry?


Many of us would have heard that reliable data is the key to success. But have you ever considered the significance of dimensioning data in eCommerce warehouses? Undoubtedly, the only way for most warehouses to prepare for the future is to obtain seamless dimensioning data. But can the warehouses do it without a hitch?
Well, read this blog post to thoroughly understand the benefits of shipping dimensioners and why eCommerce companies use them.

Know why dimensioning is important in the warehouse

Due to technical improvements, the term “online shopping” is currently surrounded by enormous hype, and internet use is now considered the standard. But it does not stop there. Several companies go above and above by offering various deals and discounts to persuade large audiences to purchase products online. Additionally, the necessity to deliver products to customers’ doorsteps within a specified window of time has turned this into enormous stress for warehouse and logistics companies. However, to deliver products on schedule, warehouses and distribution centers must focus on a certain area, particularly SKU dimensioning, where time, space, and money are all equal.
Dimensioning is crucial in the realm of eCommerce. To compute the SKU dimensions, the warehouse and distribution centers must deploy the proper shipping dimensioners to calibrate the dimensioning information of all rapidly and precisely regularly and irregularly shaped packages. The ranges of these dimensioning systems include parcel and package dimensioners. According to the business requirements, each is designed to address particular use cases. And once more, this may be the main driver behind eCommerce companies’ adoption of dimensionalizers. But there are a few more advantages to using dimensioner machines in your industry.
Below listed are some of the major benefits of deploying a shipping dimensioner in your workspace:
Measurement speed:
Due to the increasing popularity of eCommerce, clients now frequently want one-day or same-day delivery, which puts enormous strain on warehouses and distribution hubs. It would be quite beneficial to involve the shipping dimensioners in your company when computing the DIM information. Doing so manually can occasionally be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to an expensive shipping charge.
Measurement accuracy:
Everyone considers the inaccuracy in the field of accuracy. To acquire the most trustworthy outcomes, accuracy must be closely monitored. You cannot rely on speculation; doing so will likely result in higher chargeback costs. It would be better to install shipment dimensioners to improve measurement accuracy!
Accurate shipping cost:
Many transportation businesses still weigh shipments by hand or even make educated guesses about their weight. This procedure frequently contains flaws that ultimately wind up costing the business much money. When you have shipping dimensioners working for you, you can accurately determine the weight of each product and bill clients accordingly.
Future capacity planning:
Capacity planning allows your firm to identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and minimize the risk of being unable to meet supply chain demand. In other ways, Capacity planning helps businesses with budgeting and scaling so they can identify optimal levels of operations. For example, a shipping dimensioner will come in handy if you need to restructure your existing place or move to a new location. Accurate parcel measurements of the average and peak inventory would be available to the dimensioner machines. As a result, it can help determine how many pick and bulk locations are ideal for the warehouse.
Improved quality control:
A warehouse benefits from quality control since it should successfully identify problems early on and reduce any future errors. This can help enhance warehouse efficiency by tightening up ineffective procedures or assisting in diagnosing a specific issue. Based on the weight of the products, several freight operations demand quality control for departing or arriving shipments. Automated freight dimensioning systems can alert you to potential mis shipments of outbound products while cutting down on the time it takes your employees to assess incoming items visually.
Improved slotting and cartonization:
Instead of depending on a single person to choose the appropriate box size, packing stations can use cartonization features in conjunction with your WMS to select box sizes. This will knock off the use of bulky, air-filled boxes and extra dunnage and save time when experimenting with alternative box sizes. A cartonization function can also decide if several products can be packed together in a single carton.
In some circumstances, the shipping dimensioner makes the slotting process simpler and more organized. For example, the slotting system can suggest the most advantageous location by knowing the cubic measurements and dimensions of a stock location.
High-level revenue recovery:
Businesses can see increased revenue within months after implementing a shipping dimensioner. Because these dimensioner machines are capable of cutting labor costs and helping shippers and carriers reduce costly chargebacks. The dimensional data that a dimensioning system provides also helps maximize delivery vehicle space so shippers can get more done with each vehicle.


The purpose of dimensioning system is not merely to simplify cubing and weighing shipments. Additionally, they enable the automatic export of real-time data, which enables the identification and tracking of things that are set to ship. Additionally, they produce a permanent digital record that is always accessible. We at VisAI Labs offer vMeasure shipping dimensioners that can quickly measure and weigh shipments while scanning, capturing parcel images, and storing the parcel data in one go. As a result, shippers, warehouses, carriers, manufacturers, and everyone involved in the logistics and freight value chain can benefit from our dimensioner.

So, if you’re on the lookout to procure a shipping dimensioner, request us for a free live demo and see how our vMeasure parcel ultima dimensioner can help your vertical. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a free live demo today!
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