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How our volumetric weighing machine recovered revenue for a global shipping company?


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Case Study Summary

The client is a shipping and fulfillment company. They deployed the vMeasure dimensioner at their inbound station to capture parcel information and directly save the measured package’s image with base64 encoding.
vMeasure team worked on developing this custom feature that stored parcel images in base64 format.
The client uses these images to protect themselves from damage claims and further utilize them for parcel audit and insurance. They were able torecover significant lost revenue as well

Problems faced by the Client

Manual Data collection

Since the data capture was manual, the capacity to acquire valuable insights and make informed decisions based on data was limited.

Inability to track and analyze key metrics

Tracking important metrics such as delivery time, accuracy, and order fulfillment became tough without accurate and automated data, hindering process improvement and efficiency.

Lack of Compliance

The company felt it difficult to comply with customs regulations and faced clearance delays because inaccurate dimensions did not allow their packages to conform to the norms during the outbound process. This slowed down delivery and impacted customer satisfaction.

Lack of tracking and verifying system

The warehouse associates heavily relied on manual data recording methods that limited the visibility of the order throughout the chain.

Incomplete shipping records

The maintenance of shipping records proved to be problematic as they were often inaccurate, and on some occasions, the ordered SKU weren’t the same as the one received and there was no way to verify it because of the manual process. This created a problem with inventory management.

Missed unloading schedules

It was difficult to maintain unloading schedules of multiple shipments that came in from across geographically dispersed regions as order verification was manual and slow.

Scalability issues

The IT team couldn’t support the aspirations of the logistics team with regards to the scalability of the systems since their time and resources were limited.

Absence of integrated data

Because the parcel data collection was mostly done manually, it was difficult to push dimensional data to the WMS automatically, and this made the data insecure.

Inadequate technology

The organization’s technological framework was inadequate to facilitate advanced integrations.

Business Problems
Damaged Grocery

Damaged groceries and pilferage raised due to misplacement of the SKUs and the limited knowledge of their nature. It reduced the firm’s profit-margin.

Lost business opportunities

The company failed to restock and supply goods to their retail stores at the right time because of inefficient inventory management practices which resulted in lost business opportunities.

Decreased customer satisfaction

Some of the edibles were turning rancid while other goods expired. This decreased customer satisfaction.

Logistics Problems
Misguided putaway process

The company’s WMS was acting on inaccurate DIMs and as a result, the warehouse associates were misinformed regarding SKU placement.

Incomplete Shipping Records

The shipping records maintained were inaccurate and for few cases, it was missing. This manual dimensioning method made difficulties in tracking shipment and managing inventory.

Prolonged Wait Time

During the peak or festive seasons, the measuring of packages turned out to be more time-consuming that many packages were stagnant for prolonged period affecting the deadlines.

IT Problems
Scalability Issue

The team couldn’t scale the warehouse operations and manage them without increasing their IT resources, that raised a question for a proficient backup and managing software.

Absence of integrated data

Since most of the data capture was manual and on paper, integrating those collected information into their existing system was difficult and made it vulnerable to data loss.

Lack of Assortment

The SKUs reaches the warehouse in assorted nature that the existing system had trouble identifying and segregating each in accordance with their nature, cost, size, etc.

Why do customers choose vMeasure volumetric weighing machine
over other dimensioners?

With the deployment of vMeasure dimensioner, dimensioning parcel information took less than 1 second and covered most of their SKU sizes.

The compact design of vMeasure dimensioner took up limited space at the inbound station.

vMeasure helped the client by creating a feature where the measured parcel images were encoded in base64 format.

The integration with the vMeasure dimensioning system did not disrupt their existing operations.

Compared to other dimensioners, vMeasure was deemed by the company to offer superior cost-effectiveness.

vMeasure's became the most economical option and was found to cost 60% less than its immediate competitor.

vMeasure dimensioner comes with less moving parts and is built to work in a limited space.

The whole vMeasure took less space in the inbound station and could be assembled and installed within 20 minutes.

Dimensioning Capability

By dimensioning almost any SKU shapes,especially grocery items within a quick span (<1 second) made vMeasure a reliable source in the warehouse.

vMeasure took limited space at the inbound station due to its compact nature.

Software Integration

vMeasure provided customizable workflow to read LR number in the receipts and assign units received in that truckload.

The WMS was integrated with the dimensioning system without disrupting their existing operations.

vMeasure Forge

Securing every data ever recorded and maintaining them is done and monitored by the exclusive cloud setup – vMeasure Forge.

Forge enabled the admin to configure and maintain any number of systems across multiple locations under one platform.

Physical Characteristics

Flaunting its compact-built structure, vMeasure never compromises with its efficiency. Instead, higher accuracy with smaller space.

The whole vMeasure Ultima could be assembled and installed within 15 – 20 minutes.

The vMeasure Dimensioning Solution

vMeasure Dimensioning system acts as an entire dimensioning + order verification solution for the client. The following business process was completed using the vMeasure UX on the touch screen
  • The order details, along with the SKUs to be packed for the order, are displayed.
  • The warehouse associate then scans the individual FNSKU to verify.
  • Once all the items are verified using the FNSKU, the warehouse associate then packs the order and places the package on the vMeasure system.
  • The warehouse associate scans the confirmation barcode to trigger the measurement on the vMeasure system.
  • Once the measurement is triggered, the vMeasure system automatically dimensions the package and updates the corresponding data to Ship-Station
  • The vMeasure system returns to the order ID scan screen automatically once the data upload to ShipStation is complete.

How did the client benefit from vMeasure volumetric weighing machine?

By utilizing the image capture function, the company was able to keep a record of its parcel condition which improved quality control and boosted customer satisfaction.

The company were now in a better position to recover revenue and dispute any damage claims or chargebacks with vMeasure which became the single source of truth.

Improved throughput rate led to more customer orders and better business outcomes.

Precision billing lowered shipping costs, potentially driving business growth.

By improving order verification through dimension mapping and photo verification, the company ensured that the right product is shipped potentially leading to increased customer loyalty.

The implementation of a dimensioning system at the inbound station significantly reduced the amount of manual effort required to measure parcels.

More parcels were processed with vMeasure as compared to the earlier manual process.

Customizable workflows available on vMeasure boosted productivity and automated data collection.

The team's ability to provide accurate DIMs resulted in a reduction in time spent on carrier chargebacks.

The utilization of parcel images as evidence safeguarded the company against damage claims.

The automation of data capture led to an improvement in the quality and efficiency of records and data management processes.

Automated data collection minimized the risk of using inaccurate information, increased overall reliability, and improved business decisions.

What makes vMeasure the only vMeasure volumetric weighing machine
capable of solving your needs?

vMeasure is an highly adaptable dimensioning as a service solution which can capture the height, length, width, weight and image of the parcel/SKU in <1 second. With an ability to dimension anything from envelopes to refrigerators using three different mount heights/modes (Small Sku Mode, White goods mode, All Parcel mode) all starting at just 130 USD a month. Check out the complete dimensioning range in the interactive below
Small SKU Mount
Small SKU min and max
Additional Data Capture
All Parcel Mount
All Parcel Minimum and Maximum
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
All parcel dimensionig ranges
Additional Data Capture
White Goods Mount
White Goods Minimum and Maximum
White goods dimensioning ranges
Additional Data Capture
Mount Height
Small SKU Mount
Min and Max Measurable Size
Small SKU min and max
Measuring Accuracy
Dimensioning Size Range
Additional Data Capture
Additional Data Capture
Mount Height
All Parcel Mount
Min and Max Measurable Size
All Parcel Minimum and Maximum
Measuring Accuracy
Accuracy-All Parcel SKU
Dimensioning Size Range
All parcel dimensionig ranges
Additional Data Capture
Additional Data Capture
Mount Height
White Goods Mount
Min and Max Measurable Size
White Goods Minimum and Maximum
Measuring Accuracy
Dimensioning Size Range
White goods dimensioning ranges
Additional Data Capture
Additional Data Capture
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