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7 Things you need to validate before choosing a dimensioner for your business


Whether you like it or not, the role of eCommerce is rapidly expanding. As the rate of online shopping increases, eCommerce owners’ need to deliver orders within a reasonable timeframe has become a key priority. As a result, they must adjust their working paradigm to include automation, like deploying dimensioners in their dimensioning operations. This blog article will discuss why dimensioners are key players in the warehouse sector and some critical things to remember when selecting the right automated dimensioner for your workspace.


As internet-based shopping surges, eCommerce warehouses and distribution centers seek to ease the burden of their workers by deploying various automation technology to lessen various iterative tasks. So if your warehouse associates still utilize tape measures to calibrate the dimensional information of parcels and packages or manually enter parcel measurements into your warehouse management system, then this is the right time to deploy automated dimesioners in your workspace.

So what is dimensioner?

The dimensioners are AI-enabled dimensioning technology built to calibrate the parcel measurements – dims and weight of regular and irregular-shaped parcels and packages. These dimensioners vary from one environment to another based on the industry requirements.
As you can see, you have a good grasp of the automated dimensioner. Let’s look at some of the perks of deploying automated dimensioners in your warehouse.

Benefits of deploying dimensioners in your eCommerce warehouse

Improve Warehouse Productivity:
Think of the hassle of manually measuring the dimensional information of parcels/packages, photographing each parcel image, and manually entering that information into their WMS system. Would you ever imagine the amount of stress and time involved during this process? With the deployment of a dimensioner, you can quickly measure, scan, weigh, and capture parcel images in a minute and can effectively accelerate warehouse productivity by manifolds.
High-level accuracy and precision:
Because blunders and inaccuracies can be pricey, any warehouse operation needs to execute tasks accurately and without errors. Therefore, warehouses can benefit from deploying the automated dimensioner by minimizing measurement inaccuracy and human data entry errors.
Increased slotting and cartonization:
In the warehousing sector, cartonization is a necessary component. First, rather than filling the box with dunnage and air, we may analyze the particular sort of box that best suits the items. After that, if the cartonization is flawless, we can estimate the size of the goods and assign space to increase your warehouse throughput. The usual requirement for deploying a new facility is effective slotting. To figure this out, we’ll need to set up an automatic dimensioner in your office.
Enhanced future capacity planning:
The most helpful information for planning the warehouse’s future capacity is generating error-free dimensional data. With the deployment of automated dimensioners in your workstation, you can organize the warehouse for future readiness effectively.
High-level quality control:
We can retain customers to stick with the brand by enabling product quality. The automated dimensioners can detect defective products before the shipment phase.
Reduced shipping expenses:
For both warehouse managers and consumers, paying excessive shipping fees is annoying. This is the result of incorrectly inputted dimensions and DIM weight information. Some practical suggestions for lowering high shipping costs are – Standardizing the work practices and investing in an appropriate dimensioner to accelerate the dimensioning process.
Increased inventory management:
Inventory management is the lifeblood of the warehousing sector. We need to maintain track of all the in-house and delivered product data as the number of online inquiries grows. We can manage all inventory information and execute numerous activities concurrently by integrating WMS or ERP software with the dimensioner.

7 Things you need to validate before choosing an automated dimensioner for your business

Warehouse automation managers must be involved in many assessments such as warehouse workflow, throughput, and capacity. Therefore selecting proper automated dimensioners is critical. So, before choosing the proper automated dimensioner for your sector, here are a few things to consider.
What type of packages do the dimensioners measure?
The two most critical factors that must be considered are size and shape. So, get a sense of the items your dimensioner would measure, whether small or big packages/parcels.
What is your investment budget?
This includes the sum of money you spend on equipment. Therefore, before implementing the solution in your business, it is good to look into its services.
How well does the automated dimensioner integrate with your shipping software?
For this, you need to understand whether your dimensioner can work on other interfaces and devices such as WMS/ ERP software, label printers, barcode scanners, and weighing scales.
What is the estimated timeframe for dimensionalizing items?
In all industries, the pace is critical; to maximize efficiency, we must always effectively speed up the working framework. So, before selecting an automated dimensioner for your vertical, ensure the dimensioner’s speed is appropriate.
In what way does dimensional data get used?
You can radically change your warehouse if you have error-free data. Find a unique solution to your vertical that performs various processes such as collecting, storing, and managing the device’s receiving data. By enabling the appropriate product dimensional information, we can quickly generate real-time forecast reports, which can help evaluate the fast-moving products in the market as per the latest trends.
Would you also like to collect other data aside from the dimensions?
Choosing the automated dimensioner, which only identifies the dimensional information, would not be the right fit. Furthermore, as the advancements expand, we need to look up equipment with various add-ons such as barcodes, text scanners, weighing scales, 3D cameras, and printers.
Choosing a vendor: what factors should be considered?
When selecting a vendor, keep a list of factors in mind, such as evaluating business requirements, price, versatility, efficiency, and contract negotiating strategy.

Bottom lines

Dimensioners will play an increasingly important part in the coming days since these systems can dimension, weigh, scan, and capture package photos, and dimensional data can be promptly sent to a warehouse management system.
With the deployment of vMeasure dimensioners, warehouse operators may quickly cut measurement time and manual data inputs efficiently. Furthermore, these automated dimensioners can save money by reducing labor expenses, enhancing warehouse space utilization, increasing profit, and avoiding unnecessary carrier claims. Are you ready to start? For more information on vMeasure Ultima – the world’s first and only dimensioners as a service – contact us.
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