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Deploying cloud-based dimensioning and weighing system in eCommerce firms – benefits explained

Deploying cloud-based dimensioning and weighing system in eCommerce firms – benefits explained


You may have heard this before, but we’ll repeat it for you. The next new standard across all industries is the cloud. With the emergence of high-level internet-based shopping, several eCommerce firms are hustling to bring automation into their workspace to keep track of product movement and perform other product-centric activities. But this doesn’t stop here; As an eCommerce company with several ongoing tasks, you cannot discount the change that business technology may bring.
In this blog post, we bridge an ideation gap of how deploying cloud-based dimensioning and weighing systems can help eCommerce firms boost profit.


Your current reliance on automation is evidence that many hand-held operations were converted to automation to satisfy the expanding demands of the market. In essence, several eCommerce firms have begun to deploy various warehouse solutions due to online shopping.
Well, read this blog post to thoroughly understand the benefits of shipping dimensioners and why eCommerce companies use them.

But why do e-commerce companies pick a cloud-based solution for their storage facility?

Imagine that you are managing a warehouse, where you need to dimension the products manually, and then you must enter product details such as dimensioning information, a parcel image, and many more in the inventory by hand. Further, imagine the strain of manually weighing and calibrating several boxes before entering the quantities in the list. Two significant challenges would arise in this situation- the first is inputting inaccurate weight and dimension information, and the second is maintaining product tracking. To address both challenges, We need to deploy a dimensioning and weighing system that is cloud integrated.

So, what is dimensioning and weighing system?

The dimensioning and weighing system is a dimensioning technology designed to calibrate the dimensional information (dims and actual weight) and capture parcel information of any shaped parcels. These dimensioners can be further integrated into label printers, WMS, TMS, and other shipping software.

How do cloud-based dimensioning and weighing systems succor eCommerce firms?

Below listed are some of the major benefits of deploying a shipping dimensioner in your workspace:
Deploying cloud-based dimensioning and weighing systems has several advantages:
1. Economical:
The three key determinants of profit and loss in the realm of eCommerce are time, space, and cost. By swiftly calibrating the dimensions information of parcels and effectively storing that parcel information, a dimensioning and weighing system that is linked with the cloud may help save time and storage. In addition, all of this data may be used to negotiate prices and make product claims during the shipping process.
2. Flexibility:
Ever questioned why certain sectors always favor flexibility and scalability? Flexibility in the workplace might be a good strategy to reduce needless stress. You may better prepare for future demands such as inventory management, internal space allocation, utilization, and slotting processes by enabling a warehouse solution like a cloud-based dimensioning and weighing system.
3. Data insights:
Nobody wants to have useless data for making decisions. This is where cloud-enabled dimensioning and weighing systems come into play. You may efficiently save parcel dimensioning information together with the parcel photos by deploying dimensioning and weighing devices. Additionally, this package information may be used to identify any kind of product flaws and refute claims.


Modern eCommerce businesses now depend heavily on the cloud-based dimensioning and weighing system because it enables them to take advantage of cutting-edge insights that may help them improve operations, increase customer service, and ultimately achieve a competitive advantage in the eCommerce sectors.

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