dimension machine

Make cross-border eCommerce easier, and worth the money by knowing the exact parcel dims and weight using the vMeasure dimension machine, which can provide you accurate dims, weight, and parcel photographs

at just USD 99 per month

How can the vMeasure dim system help you in package forwarding?

Today the role of packaging has become a point of convergence for all the eCommerce firms as the package attributes directly represent the brands. However, packaging forwarders face their own challenges, especially during cross-border eCommerce. During this process, shipment cost becomes lavish due to incorrect dims and package misconstruction. To defeat these issues, the package forwarders need to invest in a solution that provides accurate dims and weight.
Investing in the vMeasure dim system can be a good fit for eCommerce package forwarders as it provides accurate parcel information like dimension, weight, and parcel images in less than a second.

Accurate parcel dimensioning

Capture parcel dimensions with an accuracy of up to 0.5cm/5mm to manage shipping costs and customs easily

Parcel photograph

Manage quality and provide proof of goods by capturing the parcel condition as it leaves your warehouse

Parcel attribute capture 

Capture parcel attributes such as “handle with care” for special loading requirements at the point of dim capture

Low-Cost Dimensioning Tool

At just 99 USD a month, vMeasure Ultima allows you to manage package Forwarding without beating the bank

vMeasure dimensional weight scale – dimensioning capabilities

One Device, Three Modes, All Parcel/SKU sizes

vMeasure Parcel Ultima’s revolutionary multi-height configuration allows you to dimension all sized parcels in just three modes. These three modes will allow you to dimension something as small as an envelope to something as large as a refrigerator, all at USD 99 per month.

What are you waiting for?
Start Dimensioning at 99 USD/month

What are the benefits of using vMeasure automated dimensioner
for packaging forwarding?

Lower Shipping costs

Lower shipping costs

Improved visibility of package volumes

Quality Control

Better quality control

Increase inventory stored per sqft 

Why vMeasure automated dimensioner systems for transportation management?

World’s Only Dimensioner as a service

Built ground-up to take advantage of all cloud and computer vision based technologies

Easy cloud-based one-click integration

Integrate any WMS, TMS, and shipping software with our cloud-based integration platform

Manage space rentals in warehouses

Directly bill customers for the volume occupied by their product

Accurate Dimensioning

Dimensions with accuracy as low as 5 mm/0.2 inches

No hidden pricing

All installation, workflow customization, and API integration fees are included in the pricing.

Customizable workflows

Capture all SKU attributes and not just DIMs and weights with our customizable data capture UX

Frequently Asked Questions

International package shipping is almost beyond the bounds of possibility without the expertise and guidance of package forwarders. A reputable package-forwarding company would help the business save time, money, and many hassles. Utilizing package forwarding may also assist shipping by ensuring that goods are delivered securely and on schedule while reducing associated costs.

Without a doubt, shippers and manufacturers are the two primary groups who stand to gain the most from package forwarders because cross-border shipping involves much work, with the safe delivery of goods ranking among the top priorities.

Overcharged shipping costs are an everyday challenge for all package forwarders, especially during cross-border eCommerce. The only way to prevent excessive shipping costs would be to know the precise parcel dimensions and weight. Calibrating the parcels' weight and dim information would be the simplest work with the vMeasure dimension machine, which can tremendously save time and boost productivity.

A constantly expanding logistics market requires businesses to develop new strategies to differentiate themselves. Follow these six easy steps to streamline package forwarding:

  1. Plan your goals and objectives, including your cross-border shipping budget.
  2. Bring more transparency to your business by defining roles and responsibilities.
  3. Automate iterative tasks for better accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Avoid penalties by knowing all operational risks.
  5. Optimize your loads to increase storage.
  6. When planning new routes, keep an eye on the shipping price.

With the appropriate dimension machine, package forwarders can:

  • Increase and better optimize the storage space.
  • Lower the shipping chargebacks.
  • Improve the visibility of package volume.
  • Better quality control.

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