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The ROI of automated parcel solution How it can increase profitability for modern warehouses. -min

The ROI of automated parcel solution: How it can increase profitability for modern warehouses


Are you fed up with manually dimensioning items and trying to meet the expectations of your modern warehouse? If this is the case, it may be time to consider investing in an automated parcel solution.
By reading this blog article, you can learn how automated parcel solutions can help modern warehouses boost profitability and ROI easily.

From manual to automation: introduction to eCommerce and automated parcel solution

This may come as a surprise to you, but online shopping has become the new normal for all types of purchasing, regardless of their shape or size. The advent of eCommerce shopping has tremendously influenced the retail industry, causing a shift in how customers buy items and how firms sell and fulfill orders. As a result, it can be toilsome for warehouse employees to ship parcels during peak seasons, such as the holiday season, or during other times of high demand. During these periods, warehouses often encounter an influx of orders, which can pressure employees to process and ship packages like a bat out of hell. In light of this, manually dimensioning product DIM information has become a herculean task for warehouse employees for the following reasons such as:

Increased volume of packages:

Warehouses frequently encounter an increase in orders during busy times, which can result in more items that need to be processed and sent. This can be difficult for warehouse staff in charge of measuring and shipping products because they might need to handle more packages in a shorter amount of time.

Tight deadlines:

During busy times, the necessity to meet deadlines and send products on schedule may increase the pressure and stress experienced by warehouse workers. This can be particularly challenging when workers manually measure and ship products because it can be laborious and error-prone.

Physical demands of the work

Lifting and lugging bulky boxes while standing for extended periods are required for package delivery. This can be particularly difficult at busy times when workers put in long hours and have to deal with more physical demands.
To knock out all the above-mentioned struggles, the warehouse owners and operation managers need to deploy relevant solutions like automated parcel solutions to streamline and manage all parcel operations in a jiffy.

So what is an automated parcel solution?

An automated parcel solution is an AI and computer vision-based dimensioning technology developed to calibrate the dimensional information of all regular and irregularly shaped parcels in less than a second. These automated parcel solutions can be further integrated with label printers, weighing scales, barcode scanners, and various WMS, ERP, TMS, and other shipping software to streamline the first, middle, and last-mile shipping process.

How does the automated parcel solution work?

Automated parcel solutions are designed to streamline the process of measuring the dimensions and weight of packages within a warehouse or fulfillment center. These solutions can take many forms, including conveyor belts with built-in sensors, standalone stations, and portable dimensioning devices.
Here is an overview of how an automated parcel solution might work:
  • Packages are placed on the conveyor belt or in the dimensioning station:
    Depending on the system being used, packages may be placed on a conveyor belt or in a standalone dimensioning station.
  • A laser or sensor or CV-enabled measures the package’s dimensions: The system uses computer vision-enabled cameras, sensors, or lasers to accurately measure the package’s length, width, and height.
  • Scales measure package weight: The system notes the package’s size and weight and saves this data in its database.
  • System records and stores parcel dimensions and weight information: The system uses weighing scales to measure the package’s weight accurately.
  • The information is used for various tasks: For activities like figuring up shipping charges, allocating storage space, and ensuring that goods match the size and weight specifications for multiple carriers, the package’s dimensions and weight data can be employed.

How can an automated parcel solution benefit your business?

Deploying automated parcel solutions in your workspace entails the following benefits such as:
  • Increased accuracy: Automated parcel solutions can measure the parcel dims more accurately and consistently than manual methods, which can reduce errors and improve efficiency.
  • Improved speed: It is possible to measure a parcel’s dimensions quickly with automated parcel solutions, which can speed up the process of sorting and routing packages.
  • Reduced labor costs: Automated parcel solutions can reduce labor costs and improve warehouse efficiency by reducing manual labor.
  • Enhanced tracking: An automated parcel solution can track the dimensions of a parcel as it moves through the warehouse, which can help to improve the overall traceability and visibility of the package.
  • Increased flexibility: Having an automated parcel solution that handles different types and parcel sizes can increase the warehouse’s flexibility.

In what ways can the business increase its ROI with the deployment of automated parcel solutions?

The deployment of automated parcel solutions can offer a range of benefits that can help businesses increase their ROI. By carefully analyzing your business needs and goals, you can determine the best solution for your needs and make an informed decision that will drive success.
So, how can your business increase its ROI with automated parcel solutions? Here are a few potential benefits to consider:
  • Cost saving: Automated parcel solutions can assist companies in streamlining their shipping procedures and removing the need for manual chores like dimensioning and recording, labeling and tracking, and shipment routing. This could result in cost savings by freeing up time and resources for other projects.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Automated parcel solutions can offer precise and reliable measurements, assisting companies in cutting waste and shipping expenses. Customers may be more satisfied due to the improved packaging and quicker delivery times. In addition, the correct automated parcel solution aids businesses by enabling real-time visibility and tracking of parcels, keeping clients informed of the progress of their purchases. These automated parcel solutions can also give businesses a chance to contact clients via email or SMS alerts, keeping them updated on the progress of their orders and giving them a better overall experience.
  • Better tracking and analysis: Automated parcel solutions can offer real-time tracking of parcels and their route through the supply chain, enabling organizations to monitor this progress and spot possible delays or problems. These solutions can also gather a variety of data, such as details on product handling, delivery timings, and client interactions. To help organizations manage their operations and enhance the customer experience, this data can be used to spot trends and patterns.

Potential future developments in automated parcel solution – Conclusion

Finally, by improving the shipping and processing of parcels, automated parcel solution have the potential to transform the eCommerce sector. Future versions of these technologies can be anticipated to improve accuracy, integration with other logistics systems, automation, customization, and reliance on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The efficiency, cost, and customer experience of eCommerce enterprises and their clients will all be improved by these improvements.
Automated parcel solutions have a promising future, and the eCommerce sector should expect many breakthroughs and advancements.
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