Post Peak Analysis: Solving shipping charge back issues with right SKU/Parcel dimensions
Did you ever feel the pain of paying extra for shipping, either because the package was too large for the SKU, or you had chargebacks because you gave wrong dims to the carrier?
Attend this webinar if you want to understand the low cost strategies which can be implemented within the next three-six months so that you can have a clean SKU master data as well as provide the right parcel dimensions to your carriers thereby lowering your overall shipping cost spent to avoiding chargebacks.
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Alphonse Raj David Saloman
Director of Products, vMeasure
30 Mins Webinar
15 Mins Q & A

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    What will you gain from this 30-minute webinar?​

    Inaccurate SKU master data and shipping parcel data can lead to significant logistical inefficiencies and increased shipping costs. Discover how precision and speed in parcel dimensioning is the transformative solution your business needs. In this webinar you will learn:
    • Strategies for Effective Dimensioning

      Integrating precise dimensioning into SKU data management and shipping stations.

    • Operational Efficiency

      The role of precise SKU data in improving warehousing and shipping processes.

    • Data Accuracy Assessment

      Techniques to evaluate the current accuracy of your organization’s SKU data.

    • Shipping cost analysis

      Techniques to evaluate whether you are losing money by not capturing volumetric weight.

    Meet Your Expert Speaker
    Alphonse Raj David Saloman, a seasoned expert in digital transformation and automated data capture, brings his extensive experience in warehouse management to this webinar. Specializing in automation technology, Alphonse will share valuable insights on leveraging advanced dimensioning solutions to overcome e-commerce fulfillment challenges. His expertise lies in translating complex technological processes into actionable business strategies.

    Why should you attend this webinar?

    Major problems in the fulfillment process can be solved if you just had the right dimensions. Here are some of the problems you would have faced due to lack of right dimensions:
    Problems Encountered Due to Lack of
    Dimensions in SKU Master Data
    • Inefficient Warehouse Space Utilization

      Difficulty in optimizing storage space.

    • Challenges in Order Fulfillment

      Inaccuracies in box suggestion and cartonization process.

    • Increased Operational Costs

      Due to inefficiencies and errors in automated inventory handling.

    5 Main Problems Encountered Due to Lack of
    Parcel Dimensions
    • Increased Shipping Costs

      Due to incorrect dimensional weight calculations.

    • Delayed Shipments

      Caused by manual re-measurement and corrections.

    • Customer Dissatisfaction

      Resulting from errors in shipment sizes or delays.

    • Compliance Issues

      With carrier requirements leading to additional fees.

    5 Main Problems Encountered Due to Lack of Parcel Dimensions
    Faced any of the above challenges?
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    Maximizing Post-Peak Season Opportunities: Precision Dimensioning for E-Commerce Excellence
    As the e-commerce landscape continues to evolve, the post-peak season offers a crucial window for reflection and strategic planning. This webinar provides essential insights into precision parcel dimensioning, a key to unlocking operational excellence and staying competitive. Discover how addressing post-peak challenges can set the stage for continuous improvement and future success.
    Key Benefits of Attending the Webinar:
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    Don’t miss this opportunity to discuss quick improvements in your e-commerce fulfillment strategies

      *Can’t make it to the webinar? Register anyways and get the recording

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