vMeasure Solution Design & Integration Services

Customize your own automated dimensioning solution

Solution Design Services

vMeasure dimensioning solutions, created by VisAI Labs, is a complete end-to-end hardware and software suite capable of handling all major dimensioning needs. With over 20+ years of experience, we understand that each customer is unique and that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to innovation.
Custom solution design

Space constraints, unique environmental conditions, or specific performance asks. VisAI Labs has a team of engineers and to help you build the right solution design

Custom software integration

VisAI Labs provides extensive out-of-the-box software capabilities. We can also build bespoke software applications to meet your unique needs

Custom hardware integration

Integrate hardware and warehouse equipment to vMeasure’s solutions for enhancing dimensioning performance

Integration with weighing scales

Integrate seamlessly, without change to structural integrity of the weighing scale – both static and dynamic weighing

Integration with conveyor belts

Integrate to conveyor belts and completely automate parcel handling, without any changes to flow of the package

Intelligent customization

If you are looking for AI and ML solutions to make sense of your dimensioning data, VisAI Labs has industry experts to provide the right solutions

Major industries served

Automated dimensioning solution providers

AD solution providers can use VisAI Labs and vMeasure team’s CV expertise to develop new solutions and product offerings

Logistics solution providers

VisAI Labs works together with logistics solution providers during tenders to manage solution design for Factory 4.0 digital transformation projects

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